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Friday, June 12, 2009

New Yarn Forward design

Coyright - St Range Photography

I've had another design published by Yarn Forward. It's a lace shawl called 'Sophia'. It's worked from the back neck down with a knitted on border. I did it originally in Kidsilk Haze and thank you to a couple of Ravellers who helped me out with a couple of extra balls. I had two balls given to me in a Secret Santa swap last year and started working the shawl then realised I needed more. The white Kidsilk Haze version has beads. Pixie did the yellow version which is my own Silky Merino and no beads.I was also featured for Yarn Forward's Inside Studio this month. I was a bit worried about sharing pics of my rather untidy studio especially as it was the build up to Raverly Day and there was yarn everywhere. And there's that awful picture of me sat at my desk......

This has been a rather tough week. Having just started to recover from last weekend, I came down with a sickness and diarrhoea bug yesterday and spent all day in bed. I crawled downstairs at about 2pm for some painkillers and to check the post and discovered the new issue of Yarn Forward which cheered me up. I then went back to bed until about 8pm when I felt well enough to get up. The problem with back pain is that lying in bed all day does my back no good at all. I was in total agony by the end of the day. I'm feeling a lot better today but still a little delicate. But Simon has been ill today but nowhere near as bad as I was. Vanessa is coming down with a bad cold, so looks like we'll have a quiet weekend.

On hte knitting front, I've concentrated on swatching today. I did cast on for a new shawl earlier in the week and I'll get a pic of that soon. It's in Supreme Lace and is a traingular shawl. The swatching today has been for new magazine designs which will be e-mailed to various editors over the weekend. I didnt take on any new design work in the run up to Ravelry Day so I need to get some commissions in over the next couple of weeks.


Pixie said...

Whoot on another design and wow gorgeous photo too :)

Sorry you have been poorly, take it easy over the weekend and hope you all get well soon xxx

dreamcatcher said...

Got my sub copy yesterday, love your latest shawl :-) Really enjoyed the studio feature too, it's one of my favourite "bits" of YF! And it was a nice photo of yourself too!

Get well soon all!

Piecepatcher said...

wow and congratulations. I love your new shawl.I was all set to download the current issue but unfortunately there's problems with buying the download at present. It will eventually be available in Australia though. Looking forward to seeing the feature about you.
Sorry you're not well, and I hope you and your family feel better really wishes for the designing too:)