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Monday, June 15, 2009

New Shawl

I've got a new shawl on the needles. Before the weekend I intended to do a 'blocked on the needles' pic but it's grown too big for my circ already and I can't be bothered to change to bigger circs so it's going to have to be a un-blocked progress pic instead. I like this shawl. It's easy to knit and the pattern is easy to memorise. I'm knitting it in Supreme Lace and this is the first time I've knitted with Supreme Lace. This shawl will be perfect for new lace knitters who would like to try a lace yarn but with an easy pattern or a quick, straightforward knit for more experienced knitters.Michelle from my Lace Variety Club sent me some pics the other week of her recently finished Two of a kind shawl. It's knitted in the March club colourway, or at least I think it was March. Think I'm right in saying March was Exotic Cobweb Lace. Doesn't it look gorgeous? I love it. I originally did Two of a kind in the slightly heavier Cashmere Lace but I think it looks more gorgeous in a finer lace yarn. Thank you for letting me share your pics Michelle.I've done a lot of swatching for new designs lately and most of them have been e-mailed to magazine editors over the weekend and I'm waiting to hear back. One editor I've tried e-mailing a few times now but I keep getting an e-mail delivery failure notification. According to a friend of mine who designs for the same mag, that's quite common, so I guess I'd better just keep trying.

I'm really keen to get a lace shrug on the needles. I've decided I could really do with a lace shrug and have got a few ideas. I'd like to do it in one of my lace yarns. I've ordered a couple of new lace yarns and I think I may use one of the new ones, when they arrive. I keep looking in stitch directories and drawing circles on my square pad to try to find the right patterns but I've not made up my mind yet.

I've still got lots of yarns to list on the website and I'll start working my way through them. I've taken lots of pics that need editing and hopefully there will be a big update tomorrow or Wednesday.


Joy said...

Anni, your new shawl looks lovely :-) I like the sound of easy to memorise, that's my kinf of lace ;-)

Sarah said...

This looks beautiful Anni :)