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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Swatching frustrations!!

Last week I started a new design for a new magazine. I swatched ofcourse, worked out my tension, thought I used 4.5mm needles. Worked out my pattern and started knitting when I met up with a friend last Friday. After our afternoon together I'd knitted a few inches. I held it up and looked at it. I'm knitting a size 10 and it looked huge. So I measured and even unblocked it was too big. So ripped it and re-swatched on 4.5mm needles. Started again and knitted a few inches then decided I didn't like the look of it on 4.5mm needles. So I swatched on 4mm needles and wondered if I did the original swatch on 4mm needles after all. I worked out my tension again, changed the pattern and started. Yesterday, I'd done a few inches again, and it still looked too big. So I steamed it on the needles, measured it and it was more like a size 14 than a size 10. So I worked out my tension on the piece I'd knitted, rather than on a much smaller tension square. Re-jigged the pattern and I've not cast on again. The problem is I'm getting bored with it now. I get easily bored and all the knitting I've done I could easily ahve been at the armhole shaping by now but I've only done about 2 inches and I'm bored. Not good as I've got the rest of the garment to knit and by middle of May too.

But I've decided ot have a break and do some swatching for new designs, got some gorgeous yarns last time I went to Spin A Yarn to swatch with. Sorry, pics are rubished. They were taken rather quickly on my desk in bright sunlight. First some alpaca from a local alpaca farm:Artesano alpaca

and some RAre Yarns MerinoAnd tonight I may take a night off and do some more on my sister's Strawberry Patch Stole.Looks like a pile of candyfloss.

1 comment:

Lobug said...

I know what you mean about the swatching frustrations and getting bored with it. I'm having much the same problem. *sigh* Good luck!

Love the "candyfloss". Very pretty.