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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Wool Sock Club

It's time for the No Wool Sock Club again. I'm planning a very exciting colourway this month and I'll be dyeing it today and tomorrow. I always do a few extras so there is still time to sign up if you want to join this exclusive club. The base yarn for this club is the Organic cotton/tencel colourway which is supersoft and silky feeling. It's gorgeous to knit with. Perfect if you're allergic to wool, don't like animal yarns or fancy some lighter socks for the summer.

There wasn't a club delivery for April. Unfortunately I couldn't get hold of the yarn in time. But I've ordered plenty for a couple of months now. I tend to order my yarn frequently as I don't have a lot of storage space and sometimes that causes problems. Although this is the firs time I've not been able to deliver a club shipment. my members were all very understanding though. So this was March's colourway:I'm planning something complete different this time. And I've been and bought some new colours this morning for the occasion. So far the pattern has been the same as for the Sock VAriety Club but it won't be this month and I'm thinking of making it a different pattern every month so if you fancy joining both sock clubs you can. In fact there is a Two club option which might save you some money. Check out the club page of the shop.

I've got a rainbow of Merino/Tencel sock yarns drying on the line and I'm hoping to get them listed tomorrow. In fact I've just noticed it's started to rain so I'd better run out and rescue them. Then I'd better get started on the No Wool yarns. Go and join the club in the meantime.

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belaybunny said...

I love the lace project you're working on and the dyeing is fab!! Nice handspun too ;)