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Friday, February 27, 2009

Knitting machine

My Mum left yesterday which was quite sad although it's good to get back to normal too. Not done much since she left as I'm a bit exhausted from all the sightseeing we did. So had a quiet day with lots of knitting yesterday. I finished the Sockamania/Sock Variety Club March pattern and carried on working on a secret lace project which I really wish I could show you but I can't.

This morning a new friend came over to help me sort out my knitting machine. I was a bit nervous as it's a bit old and I wasn't sure it was in proper working order. And although it needs some new bits, like a sponge bar (is that what it's called?) it did work okay. I did some practicing with some sock yarn. Learnt how to cast on and how to cast off and do a stocking stitch square. It's fun and amazing how quick it is. The cast off is a bit fiddly but I think I got the hang of it. Will be doing a bit more practicing this weekend.

We also talked about the new knitting group we're starting up in Liskeard next week. If any locals read this, it's on Thursday at Stuart House, Liskeard from 10am to 2pm. Everyone's welcome. If you can't knit but fancy learning or could do with a refresher we're happy to help. Or if you're an experienced knitter you're welcome too. We've had quite a bit of interest so it should be a good first session. Come along and see if you like it.

I promised pics of the No Wool Sock Club yarn for Feb and here it is:
the pattern used for both the Sock Variety Club and the No Wool Sock club was 'Be My Valentine' which features purl hearts hidden in a twisted rib and were knitted toe up. The pattern will be available on Ravelry and in my shop on 1 March.
The colour is not quite right I don't think. Light conditions here in the winter can be really tricky and on some days I just can't seem to get the colour quite right. but the colour was a semi solid green. If you want to sign up for the No Wool Club in time for March then now's the time to do it. The March parcels will be sent out by the end of first week of March.

There will be a small shop update with some sock yarns and lace yarns tonight or sometime over the weekend.


psalm127 said...

Hi Anni,
A lady came by my house a few weeks back and fell in love with your yarn and patterns, so I gave her your magnet you sent me so she could go sign up for Sockamania and get some of your yarn. Oh she is from Kansas, she and her friend stopped by one Sunday to show me how to make bra's for me and my girls. Wonderful ladies.

Sarah said...

I told my Mum about the knitting group and I hope she comes along :o)

Torhild Reidardatter said...

It is exhausting to have family visiting- all the things to see- to catch up on and it´s like your ON all the time-
making sure everybody has a great stay-