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Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Dazzle

Thank you for all the comments and e-mails I had last night re my first Knitty design, Maja.

Today I'm going to show you another new design. I've got a few lined up actually but we'll concentrate on Dazzle today. First, it's a huge shawl and knitted in my Silky Merino Lace which has a generous 1200m per 100gr skein. There will be more Silky Merino listed over the weekend.
Dazzle has now been listed in the shop and you can buy it on Ravelry too if I can get it to upload the pdf. It's not working at the moment so will try again later.

I must admit I struggled to block this shawl, it was quite big before blocking but I had never guessed how much it would grow. I block all my lace on the lounge floor using my blocking boards and I kept having to move stuff out of the way to accommodate this shawl.
The painting in this picture is by my Mum. She did two beautiful paintings for me a few years ago and I think they're quite good.

All morning I've been feeling really tired and had a severe headache. I've been trying to get the Lace Variety Club parcels packed up but just before lunch I gave up. I turned the central heating on (it was cold), wrapped myself in Dazzle and reclined my chair and fell asleep. After about half an hour I woke up feeling like new woman. The headache is gone and I'm feeling awake. It's good as I'm taking the girls late night shopping in Plymouth after school. It's not so good as it means the Lace Variety club parcels won't make it to the post office today but I decided my health came first today. I can't let the girls down this afternoon and there is no way I could drive to Plymouth the way I felt. So parcels will be posted tomorrow.

I'm off for another shopping trip tomorrow. I'm going to Truro with a friend. Truro is a lovely city with quite a nice yarnshop and a bead shop. I'm not bying any yarn though although I may get some beads. I fancy knitting Dazzle with some beads thrown in. Maybe a project for the new year.

I've been asked for a rectangular version of Maja and I'm working on it. I need someone to actually knit it up for me though.

This is my current Manos Silk Blend project, it's a Moebius ring. I'm not 100% happy with it so will be getting another version on the needles next week but here's a close up of the stitch pattern got to finish some secret socks first and the Sockamania January pattern. And the yarn for another Yarn Forward project should be on it's way to me soon which will keep me busy over christmas. I'm very excited about that design and can't wait to get to work on it. the yarn I've chose is rather gorgeous too.

And to finish off, some handspun. First a bamboo/merino blend which will become a hat for Emily, hopefully before we go to Norway although I've got a feeling I'll be knitting this on the plane. I'm very happy with this yarn. I think I got the twist just about right this time.

And some BFL Humbug I finished spinning ages ago but never got around to giving the yarn it's bath.


Pixie said...

Dazzle looks gorgeous as does that picture your Mum painted, what a talented family :)

Cold here today have a good shopping trip with your girls and tomorrow Truro is a lovely city.

Love the stitch pattern on your Moebius ring and you got that cast sorted then? lol

Beautiful handspun, the one for Emily is beautiful.. :))

psalm127 said...

Dazzle is beautiful. I was wondering if the picture in the background was hand done. I was think "wow this family has talent all over it"

I love the pattern in your Moebius ring. Looking forward to seeing that pattern on sale. I will be buying that one too. ha ha. so many projects..,.so little time.

Mom is coming to visit today so I should get ready. I am giving her the Breast Cancer Ribbon Scarf today.

Piecepatcher said...

Your new pattern is lovely, and different:) What is your silky merino yarn? sounds interesting.
congratulations on another beautiful design.

Knitty Gritty Thoughts said...

What a gorgeous design - your work is absolutely stunning!

Tama said...

Gorgeous shawl! I want one!