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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

God Jul

which means Happy Christmas. I've been a lazy blogger lately. The last couple of weeks have just been so busy, getting the sock and lace clubs out and getting ready for our holiday in Norway. We left late Sunday evening and drove up to Stansted overnight and arrived at my parents house in Norway by midday on Monday totally exhausted. Emily got ill on Saturday night and has been running a high temperature and had a nasty cold since then. She was the narrator in our church's Sunday School Play on Sunday morning and after some Calpol and prayers she managed brilliantly and noone would have known she was ill at all. She didn't have to stand on stage. She stood just off stage with a microphone and could sit down between her lines which made it easier. It was quite a long play too and she flopped straigh afterwards. after church a friend and her two daughters came for lunch and Emily went to bed straight after lunch which is unheard of for her so she was obviously feeling quite ill.

Not ideal to travel with a sick child but Emily did brialliantly and managed to keep going with the help of Calpol every 4 hours. Neither of the girls slept much in the car on the way to London. I slept all hte way from Plymouth to Reading then drove the last hour. Teh drive up was quick and easy and we arrived far too early. No traffic on the roads at all. The flight was on time and not too bad for Ryan Air. It's not the world's most pleasant airline but it was cheap.

We haven't done much since we arrived here. We were all pretty exhausted so had a quiet day yesterday to recover. Emily is much better but still ill. Today is the big day inNoway and when we celebrate. Teh girls had their stockings first thing this morning. And later this afternoon we're going to church (just me and Simon) and then having our Christmas meal which is roast reindeer when we get home and then presents in the evening.

We had hoped for a White Christmas but there is no snow, which we're all pretty disappointed about. It's quite cold and frosty though. Simon, Ness and I went out for a walk in the woods earlier and it was quite pleasant.

Knittingwise, I was supposed to work ona new design for Yarn Forward while we were away but the yarn didn't arrive in time which means it'll have to wait till we get home. Then it'll be a mad rush to get it done as quickly as possible. So on Sunday I quickly had to decidewhich other knitting to take. Our luggage allowance was pretty small so I had to be careful how much knitting I took. I ended up taking 4 pairs of socks, one sock in each pair is already done so I'm aiming to finish sock no 2. Also took a skein of the Sockamania PLUS yarn for January and started a pair of plain toe up socks on the plain. Have just started the gusset increases. Also took a skein of Exotic lace to start a lace stole for my sister. I promised her one two years ago so thought it was about time I got going on it. It's a new design which I charted out a few months ago. STarted knitting it last night then frogged it this morning as I was unhappy with one of teh stitch patterns I'd used. CAst on again and nearly got back to where I frogged now. I'm also working on an article while I'm here which involves visiting as many yarn shops as I can. Tough life!!!!

I'll try to do a big of blogging while I'm here. And see if I can include some local pics too. Fingers crossed we'll get some snow soon. Its always much prettier in the snow.

I'd like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas! or God Jul!


Pixie said...

Glad you arrived safely and enjoy your roast reindeer.. I have one to eat only mine is chocolate lol..

Hope you get your knitting done and enjoy the rest of your Christmas break :)

Merry Christmas to all xxx

marit said...

God jul til deg og dine:-)
Håper Emily blir fort frisk igjen, og at dere får en flott ferie "hjemme".
Takk for alt arbeidet du legger ned i Sockamania- jeg er fryktelig på etterskudd med sokkestrikkinga, men skal se om jeg får anledning til å begynne nå i romjula...
Her på vestlandet har vi heller ikke snø, men det er varmt og koselig inne. Er ferdige med 4 unger blir det en haug...
Ha det bra sålenge!

Ann said...

Merry Christmas to you & family.

Torhild Reidardatter said...

Gledelig jul også til dig.
Og god bedring med datteren-

Judy said...

Hope Em is better and you all had a nice Christmas.
Careful coming back home.

Fiber Chic said...

I haven't been blogging much either...partly from school and partly from the holiday season. Hope Emily feels better!
Merry Christmas!