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Friday, October 31, 2008

What's happened?

Don't know what's happened to this week? It's gone every so quickly. The girls have been on half term holidays all week and juggling frantic knitting for a deadline and the kids being home has been quite hard this week. I'm trying ot remember what we've done this week now but to be honest it's mainly a blur of knitting with the odd activity thrown in to keep the kids happy.

I'm making progress on teh knitting, after a disaster on Wednesday or was it yesterday?! Don't remember now. I had it all knitted up, blocked and laid out on the dining room table ready to start making up and the sleeves didn't fit the armhole. AS it's my own design this was a major bummer and there was no option but to frog the sleeves and re-do and also re-do part of the arm holes. This was for a deadline for a mag today so it's been some major knititng going on but luckily, thanks to a very understanding and wonderful editor, my deadline has been extended so crisis over and all night kniting sessions avoided. And I'm back on track.

I've also been taking pics using 'Daisy'. I'm always a bit worried of taking pics inside and it's been wet, dark and miserable all week but yesterday afternoon there was a bit of bright weather so I pulled Daisy over to a bright spot in the lounge with a bit of bare wall behind her and snapped away. Pics have not been edited yet but here's a taster of the pics I got of 'Midnight'.
Took some pics of anotehr design too but can't show that one. I'm planning to re-do pics of all my shawls and scarves in due course.
I'm taking part in two Secret Santa swaps on Crafty Yarns Forum this month and I received one gorgeous parcel the other day. It's a secret swap and we have to include a clue, my clue is this gorgeous pink bag and I love it but I've no idea who it is from. Any ideas what hte name of the design is anyone? The parcel also contained some gorgeous Kidsilk Haze, chocolate and a poutporri pot. I've no idea which swap this is either as we're doing a normal Autumn Secret Santa and a Poor Man's Santa. So I'll have to do some detective work this weekend.

Today, we're off to Plymouth this afternoon to meet up with a friend and her daughters, a couple of hours of shopping, then a meal out and cinema. We don't do halloween in this house and staying at home on Halloween is a nightmare due to all the kids around here trick or treating and unfortunately some of them are less than pleasant. After an incident a few years ago we now go out on Halloween, that way our kids get to have fun and we avoid having an evenign spoiled by trick or treaters.


Hattie said...

Oooh that's the Brea bag from I have that exact color to knit it in! It's so pretty isn't it?

WildPurl said...

Wow! I love Midnight, it looks gorgeous.
And what a sweet bag!
I hate Trick or Treaters too, we always turn out the lights and pretend not to be in on Hallowe'en ;-)

Tama said...

What a lovely shawl!!!

TutleyMutley said...

The bag is by Norah Gaugin (sp?) isn't it? It's on my Rav queue somewhere...
ah, halloween - we're lucky around here, the only trickortreaters we have are a hoard of toddlers from a neighbour's house and Sara always warns us of their impending arrival!