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Monday, October 06, 2008

Finishing touches

I had a few items I was deseperate to finish before we leave for London on Wednesday. I wanted the Breast Cance Awareness 'Ribbon' Scarf. The pattern will be available from tomorrow and the profit will be donated to breast cancer charities. The scarf was finished last night and I could have blocked it last night but I was in a lot of pain last night and I normally block scarves on the floor and sitting on the floor bending over a scarf was the last thing my back needed. When I finally got around to blocking it at lunch time I decided it was small enough to go on the ironing board which made it a lot easier on my back and something I could have managed last night.

Anyway, here are some blocking pics. It's only 4.30pm but the light here is rubbish due to bad weather so the pics are not good. Better pics tomorrow and finished pattern tomorrow too.

I also finished the 2nd front on my Manos cardigan yesterday and started the sleeves. I'm doing the sleeves two at a time. I wanted it finished by the time we go to London and I may just manage it. I've hoping to block the body pieces tonight and sew up the shoulder seams to make sure my measurements etc are right. Wll be wroking on it at knitting group at Spin a Yarn tomorrow. It's a modified garter stitch so easy to work on while chatting. Got a feeling I may be sewing it up on the train on Wednesday.

I've not managed to make as much progress as I wanted over teh weekend on the Midnight Stole. I should have gotten much further by now. I need to figure out the border before we go too in case Pixie overtakes me while we're away which is highly likely.

Taking the stole to London with me to work on if we have any quiet time in the hotel. But it's not a take along project and I need something to take out with me too. So I'm taking my Scrolls handwarmers. First glove is done and I started the 2nd one and I may take along and start the 2nd Scrolls sock too.

I'd like to find a way of selling the pdfs of my patterns in a way that people can click on a link, pay hten immediately download the pattern. At the moment I'm e-mailing the patterns out after purchase but it means a dealy for the buyer and extra work for me and if I'm not available the pattern don't go out. Anyone have any idea of how to set this sort of stuff up and could help me or point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance.

Also want to show off my new Ravelry ads. The artwork was done by the lovely Susana from Portugal. Thank you Susana. Her blog looks lovely by the way, but unfortunately I don't speak Portugese. Love Portugal htough. Went there several times on holiday as a child.


Pixie said...

To sell your patterns go with Ravelry.. sign up to be a shop keeper.. there is a on going thread.. will find you the link and send you a message.. then just link to them.. easy!

Don't be too sure on me over taking you.. found a hole today.. those wrap sts giving me grief.. so had to un-pick row by row.. caught up with myself but behind if that makes sense lol

Your scarf is gorgeous and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow

Pixie xxx

Judy said...

Love the new Ravelry ads. They are really striking.
Have fun in London.

Anonymous said...

You are my inspirations I'm from Poland and I love knitting too, I'm inviting