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Monday, September 22, 2008

Yes it's happened again.

First I'll get my moaning out of the way. The title refers to more problems in the 'dental department'. I lost a filling yesterday while eating a choc mousse cake (wasn't chewing anything hard or crunchy). I lost a filling in the same tooth in the beginning of August, had it filled, then a week later developed an abscess in the same tooth, and ended up having a root canal. I'm seeing my dentist tomorrow. A week since my last visit due to a severe abscess which is totally unrelated to thisfilling and which has cleared up now.

On Saturday we went to a lovely beach a short drive away. It's called Whitsand Bay and is accessed from the main road down a very steep path. Okay doing down but not quite so okay coming back up. I wish I was fitter. Simon and Emily walked the dog along the beach and went body boarding in the water. I sat and knitted this:No not the whole sock, just the last rep and the toe. Got to remember to graft the toe tonight.

This was my view to the right:

to the left:

and straight ahead:

Look at that blue sky? It was pleasantly warm, not hot but then it's the end of September. Why didn't we have this sort of weather in August. We have had more sun in the last week than we had for the whole of August.

I finally got some spinning done last night. Last time I spun sometime in early August I think I was battling with the Wensleydale fibre (got 3 lots of it) and not getting on very well with it. Don't like it at all. Love the colourway just don't like spinning it. So last night I finally took it off the wheel and started this gorgeous blue/white bamboo/merino blend from DragonFibre. And much to my surprise I managed to spin up half of it last night while watching Desperate Housewives and a couple of American Sitcoms afterwards. Or rather I thought I'd spun half but then found a small bit next to my chair this morning so quickly added that to the first bobbin. Planning to make a start on the 2nd half which I'm spinning on to a new bobbin tonight.

Been a busy day, I've been dyeing the Sockamania PLUS yarn and 300gr of merino/silk fibre which I dyed in gorgeous purple and lilac colours. This fibre is for me as it's my favorite fibre to spin so far.


dreamcatcher said...

Sorry to hear you are having dental troubles again, hope it goes well at the dentist.

Whitsand Bay is beautiful, the sun glittering off the sea is amazing. Thanks for sharing the photos :-)

Skein Queen said...

Nice to hear from you today, Anni. Love your beach sock and your spinning - wow! Wish I could spin. So satisfying to dye, spin and then knit :)

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Ohh..I'm going to have to dig through some boxes and find my spinning (drop spindle) as I haven't done any of that since I've been back from Korea. Was thinking of doing some just the other day, but never got around to it...