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Friday, September 12, 2008

Wake me up!

I've felt half asleep all day. I never knew I could feel so tired. I've felt a bit like this all week. After going to Plymouth on Tuesday when I spent an hour shopping and a couple of hours chatting to a friend in a coffee shop and havint lunch I was completely exhausted when I came home. I've had reasonably early nights this week and gotten up around 7am and I've slept fairly well too. Still I feel like a zombie. I've had my thyroid tested too and my thyroid meds are the right level (I suffer from underactive thyroid).

Let's talk yarn. I've dyed teh yarn for the Lace Variety Club. I'm keeping the base yarn and the colour secret for now. But here is a preview. If you want to see the colour you'll have to keep checking back or stalk members blogs for when they receive their parcels.

If you want to join the club for next month, hurry up and join now. I've got a brand new yarn planned for next month. It's a gorgeous combo and has a greater yardage than my existing yarns.

In fact I've ordered several new yarns both sock and lace. Several completely new blends for me and all the lace yarns are 1200m so a bit finer than my existing lace yarns which means I need to design some new patterns too.

I've been doing some test dyeing for the October Sockamania Plus club too. I'm getting ready to start the new pattern. I've got an idea for what I want to do and would like to get going this weekend. Here's a sneak preview of the yarn:

You didn't think I was going to show you the colour did you? Well, if you want to see what it's really like, head over to Etsy and join quickly. You can join for one or three months. I'm in the middle of doing an update now. There are a variety of yarn being listed. And I'll keep adding to it in dribs and drabs this evening and over the weekend.

We got sock yarns and lace yarns.

Been dyeing more than just club yarn, here is a batch of other yarns which I dyed yesterday. don't they look colourful.

The weather is supposed to be dry this weekend, which makes a difference. don't remember when we last had a dry weekend. Better get lots of washing done and perhaps a walk or two with the dog. Also got to pack up the lace club yarn over the weekend so it won't be all play.

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psalm127 said...

I love all the colors I am seeing Anni. They all are so beautiful.