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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Summer over

I think we can say that summer is well and truly over now. The weather is miserable again and it's getting colder too. I'm even thinking about putting on the central heating.

Emily finally went back to school on Monday (Ness went back last week). It's been a long holiday with such miserable weather.

I'd hoped to have some work done on the new version of Arabella but I've not done enough to warrant pics. Instead Iv'e been working on more secret projects. A small one for Yarn Forward. There are 2 parts to this secret project and one is done and the other was half done but I've had to frog a bit. Aiming to have it done by the end of the week. Then I'm hoping ot have some time for some swatching for future projects. I've got plans for an amazing lace stole which I'm hoping to get started on next week. I was going to do it in Luscioius Lace but I've got a wholesale list yesterday from a new company and some of their lace yarns sound amazing so now I don't know whether or not to go ahead with Luscious Lace or wait for the new yarn. Decisions, decisions.....

I've been doing some dying today which was a real shock to hte system as only yarn I've dyed over the summer was the club yarns. I've tried to find the perfect red for a friend, why is red so difficult to dye and I've dyed some test skeins of sock yarn and the lace yarn for this month's Lace Variety Club. If you havne't signed up yet I'm sorry it's too late but sign up now for next month before you forget. I've also dyed a few skeins of Luscious Lace for the shop. The shop is a bit short of yarn at the moment.

Sorry no pics today. Maybe later in the week. Got to go and try to decide which of those new yarn I'm going ot order and there are lots of colourful yarn upstairs to rinse, which is the boring part of yarn dyeing. Then it's the drying which is a nightmare as it's raining again.

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psalm127 said...

HEAT!!!!! Oh my I still have my air conditioner running. It was cooler today when I took the kids to their PE classes at the park... Only 87 degrees F...30.56 Celsius. I am hoping when hurrican Ike reaches land that it will continue our way and drop some rain. Not good for those on the gulf coast but I would love rain. I am dieing to see your secret projects. Sounds very exciting. Enjoy dying all that yarn.