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Friday, September 05, 2008

Normal service resumed

Now daughter number 1 is back at school and daughter no 2 goes back on Monday I'm hoping to get back to normal and a bit more regular blogging. My aim is to blog on every weekday. The fight over the laptop is going to make blogging on the weekend a bit difficult.

I wish I had something knitterly to show you but I don't, apart from the September Sockamania socks.

Talking about Sockamania, I've not listed monthly Sockamania PLUS Merino Sock Club memberships for sale on Etsy. Click on clubs and there is a choice of monthly option and 3 monthly option. the monthly option is great if you want to try a club but don't want to commit to 3 months. Also perfect as a present for a knitter. I've got montly options listed for the Lace Variety club too. If you want to join the Lace Variety Club for September you'll need to sign up this weekend as dyeing starts next week.

On Saturday we went up on the moors (Bodmin Moors) after dinner and walked to a quarry filled up with water, Golddiggings. the girls and Simon and the dog went swimming. The water is rather freezing so I knittedonce I'd finished taking photos. Can't believe the dog got in and she swam quite far. She used ot hate water.

Sam keeping an eye on Simon and the girls ont he other side of the quarry:
The whole family (minus me) in the water

Some other local landmarks.
and cheesewring in the fog whenwe were walking back to the car (this was at 8pm) and it was getting really foggy.View of Caradon Hill Sam
Last week Simon and I went to St Michaels Mount near Penzance for the day.I'm also very excited. I've got patterns coming up in Yarn Forward in the next 3 issues. October, November and December I think it is. Yeah. I'm not telling you what they are. I've got to get back to work now. Got to work out yarn quantities for a garment. My first proper garment design. It's a job I've been trying ot get to for weeks now and there is no putting it off any longer.

I did cast on for a new version of Arabella shawl yesterday so I had something to work on while Emily and I went to the cinema (Wall-E - Em loved it, I found it boring and fell asleep for a while). Might get some more done over the weekend so might have some pics next week. the original was done in HipKnits Aran Silk and this version is Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend. The pattern will be written up and listed for sale once I've finished this new version.


Tama said...

What lovely pictures! I am in the process of moving to another state so I haven't had much knitting time. The new Sockamania project looks wonderful. However, with all the extra work of moving, I probably won't get to work on it until next month though.

Sarah said...

Love these Cornwall piccies, congrats on those forthcoming patterns - I'll keep my eye out for your name :o)