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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More handspun

I managed to fit in a bit of spinning this weekend. I'd already done half of some Dragonfiber bamboo/merino and on Saturday evening I was on my own. Simon was doing night time charity walk on Dartmoor and girls were in bed so I put on a chick flick (the Holiday) and spun up the second bobbin. Had to stay up late (length of film plus an extra half an hour) to finish it but I was keen to finish the rest of the fibre.

On Sunday night I sat down and plyed it .I tend to put too little twist in when plying and I'm also not very consistent with the amount of twist I put in. So this time I put in more twist than I htought was right and I counted my treaddles all the way through. It's paid off as this is my best handspun yet. The twist is perfect (or hte way I like it). It's fairly even and I love it. Not checked WPI yet as its still not completely dry but I reckon it's between 4ply and dk which is what my yarns tend to come out at.Here's the fiber it was spun from:

On Sunday after church I cast onfor the Sockamania August socks after 'arguing' with hte pattern for a couple of days. My first idea didn't work out, then I wasn't happy with hte yarn and the cuff I chose. On SAturday I dyed a trial skein of the colourway for Augsut and on Sunday after church I cast on. I finished by teatime. I thought I'd knitted the foot long enough for my feet but it's a tiny bit short so I need to frog the toe and redo it at some point. But I want to get photos done first. I love the pattern and colourway though. No pics obviously as until 1st August it's a secret.

The Sockamania PLUS yarn for August is dyed and nearly dry now. Parcels will be going out tomorrow and Thursday. It's a new yarn this time, 80% merino and 20% nylon blend. Iwas a little hesitant about using a new yarn as I love my regular merino but this yarn is gorgeous. As soft as the merino but with nylon it should be harder wearing. And it's gorgeous to knit with. A little bit more twist than my regular merino I think. I love it anyway. And the best hting is that i comes in skeins so no skeining off cones. Makes a huge difference.

Las night another project came off the needles. Unfortunately I can't tell you what it is or show nay photos. It's been blocked this morning and I wish I could share phtos as it looks gorgeous . I love it but you'll wait till next winter sometime and keep an eye on Yarn Forward magazine to find out what it is. I did hit a tiny snag at the end. Either I've made a mistake during knitting or my maths is wrong. I'm trying to work out the problm with my test knitter, Pixie. I'm hoping it's me who's made a mistake rather than the pattern being wrong. So annoying though. Better not say anything more about it as I don't want to give anything away. It'll all be correct when it's sent off to the editor.

And we've got sunshine again. Can't remember wha Saturday was like now but Sunday was lovley and so was yesterday adn today it's quite warm. Might see if I can sneak in some knitting time in the garden before dinner time.


psalm127 said...

Oh that is so beautiful Anni, I love the color and your spinning is wonderful. I need to do more practicing to get mine to look that.

Pixie said...

Your hand spun is gorgeous, looking forward to seeing what it will turn into :)
Our hiccup is fixed I hope and will be cracking on with it in a little while.

We have sun today, well between the clouds but that is good enough for me.

Have a great day xxx

Judy said...

Your spinning is so lovely! I have got to learn how to spin.... just as soon as I have two good feet to run the wheel. :)