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Friday, June 13, 2008

Splash of colour

I felt a bit blah last time I posted but yesterday's splash of colour in my garden cheered me up. I felt too shattered by the end of the day, actually from bout mid afternoon onwards to blog about it. I dyed all hte Lace Variety Clubyarn yesteray. And if you want ot know what colour it is, grab one of hte last couple of memberships quickly.

I also ahd the Luscious Lace and BFL fibre I dyed on Wednesday drying yesterday. Look how gorgeous the colours are;

Here's the Luscious Lace

and some BFL

and here it is plaited up

and the whole lot together on our new patio table hwich Emily and I assembled all on our own on Tuesday. It was quie difficult and hard work and it took us a while and we nearly gave up but we got there in the end. And I'm quite proud of myself.

Oh and look what's draining, some more colour
There's been some major sock knitting going on here. These are knitted in my new SuperSock yarn, which will start appearing on Etsy soon. Gorgeous yarn to knit with and I love this colourway. Look like plain socks don't they? But the details (and it's gorgeous - even my non-knitting friend, Jo, admitted that last night) are all on the back of the sock. Want to see what's so special about the back of these socks, join Sockamania PLUS Merino Sock Club and you'll find out in July. I don't think I've ever finished the new Sockamania design this early. Only half way through the monht and socks and pattern all ready. Got to do some proper pics though.
Today, Simon has the day off work and we're off to Looe for a day on the beach. It's not all that hot but it's sunny. Simon is going snorkelling and I'll be knitting on the beach. Got lots of knitting to do. Several design deadlines looming so a day of uninterrupted knitting will be good. Mind you, I've been awake since 4 am so I may fall asleep instead. Suffering from too much yarn dyeing yesterday. I've got to realise I just cannot do that much in a day. The pain is too much, but it's worth it. Lace Variety Club parcels will be sent out on Monday by the way. Should all be dry today and wrapped up over the weeend. I'm just hoping my printer doesn't fail me like last month. And I'm still trying to decide on which pattern to include this month. There are two contenders.

Have a lovely weekend.


Pixie said...

Oh you tease on the lace lol, can't wait to see what colours :))
All your dyeing is gorgeous, have to say your supersock is just that.. what beautiful shades..
Wishes now I had knitted with that this past week, instead of that cotton! live and learn hey?
Intrigue too with what is on the back of those socks.
Have a great day on the beach, sitting and knitting.. bliss.
Feel better soon and have a great weekend

Tama said...

All that knitting and yarn! I am so jealous! Can't wait to see the new Sockamania pattern!! Have a great weekend!

Judy said...

Enjoy the beach!! Must be bliss to have it close enough to go for a day.
Love the dyeing. You choose such gorgeous colors.