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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's summer!

Summer seems to have finally arrived here in the UK. It's been lovely for what seems like ages now. And even I'm starting to get a very slight suntan on my arms and I'm bearing my legs too. Scary! LOL.

Done lots since last time I blogged but don't really know what to write about today. This morning first job on hte list was to book our Spring Harvest holiday for next Easter. It's a Christian holiday for those who haven't heard of it. There are 3 weeks over Easter at Butlins at Skegness and Minehead. Booking for Minehead started at 8am today. I was booking for us and two other famlies. Iwas ready with hte phone and our booking forms before 8am. As it waslovely and sunny I chose tosit out in the garden. Made sure kids were ready for school so that if I was still on the phone when they had to elave for school at 8.30 I didn't have to panic.

At 8.55 Ifinally got through to the queue after constantly redialling since 8am. It then took me 22 minutes to book the holiday. What an ordeal. I was relieved when it was finally all booked. I had two friends praying I'd get through but as Isaid to Simon as eveyrone booking are Chrstians they were probsbly all praying they'd get through quickly. LOL.

Got some lovely fiber and some other goodies that arrived a week or so ago which I forgot to show you. They're from Yarny Goodness. A lovely Japanese style purse, perfect for keeping knitting accessories in.

Some gorgeous fiber.

And two knitters bracelets. For ocunting rows etc. Not worked out how to use these yet, I keep forgetting ot put them on.

And here's a in progress pic of hte Alchemy cowl I knitted last week. It's knitted in one skein of Silk Purse. It's a gorgeous, rich purple colour. The pattern will be written up soon and I'm hoping ot get some proper modelling pics soon too.

Now I'm going to go and do something I've been wanting to do all day, sit in the garden. It's 3.30pm and I still havne't made it outside. all my breaks today have co-incided with my favorite day time shows so I've sat inside with hte telly on instead. Time to enjoy the sun before the day is over. Got a lovely new garden patio set the other day. And I'm ever so pleased with myself as Emily and I managed to put hte table together and it was not easy. Nearly gave up but we got there in the end.

There's been some dyieng action today. A few skeins of Luscious Lace are now drying on the line. Gorgeous colours. One or two in particular which I may have to keep for myself. And some BFL which I really enjoyed hand painting. Very time consuming though. but fun to play with colour. The Sockamania pattern for July is nearly finished. There are some places left in Sockamania PLUS if you hurry over to Etsy to join. Also think there are 3 places left in the Lace Variety Club and I'm dyeing the yarn tomorrow and Friday so if you want to join for June be quick. Once the yarn is dyed there will be no more new membrs for this month. And I need to do an Etsy update soon. Maybe tomorrow.


Pixie said...

Isn't it great to finally have summer! although by the looks of it we had some rain over night, that is fine as long as its dry during the day..
Well done on booking your holiday.

Wow at the goodies from Pam, gorgeous :))

Did you sit in your garden? and looking forward to seeing the dyeing results, the cowl is beautiful..

Have a great day xxx

Judy said...

That little purse is really cute.
The cowl color is wonderful.
Isn't it great to have nice weather? It is finally warm and sunny here.