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Monday, June 23, 2008

New Yarns

Can't believe another week has gone by. I must get better with my blogging. What have I been up to in the last week? Lots of frantic knitting as I've got a knitting deadline this week. Should be finished tonight unless I get distracted by a new project which is highly likeyl to happen.

Just finished listing a few skeins of a new lace yarn, Lacy Merino. This yarn is gorgeous and very different in feel and texture to my other Merino Lace. The new Lacy Merino has 725 m per 100gr skein so is a heavier laceweight and suitable for several of my lace designs. Check out my Etsy store.

Pixie has knitted up another sample for me again. This time the Rosebud Shawl from Yarn Forward magazine. It's blocking today and hopefully will be dry soon. Wonder if my model isup for some modelling shots tonight?

Here are some blocking photos.

I'm using my new Knitters Block with a towel over the top. HEre's the knitters block all laid out. I could do with some more squares so I may order another pack. It's not going to be big enough for my bigger shawls. It wasn't quite big enough for this little shawl either.

You can get similar stuff in toyshops, but I think this is a little bit better quality. It's got a soft fleecy side and a waterproof side. Probably doesn't need the towel on top but I wanted to protect it.

Very tired today. Had massage this morning so that has helped iwth hte neck/back pain but it makes me feel so tired. Last week the pain was quite bad and I was struggling to cope. So I have to start taking it easier. I also counted up the number of painkillers I tkae a day. I take 3 types and 22 tablets in total every day. That shocked me a bit so now i'm on a mission to cut down on one of the painkillers which means I can't do as much. Which basically means less yarn dyeing apart from the clubs which got to be done. Talking of clubs. Sockamania club dyeing tomorrow.


Pixie said...

Wow that new lace looks great, good choice of colours too :))

Lookie at the shawl all blocking out and those boards do look neat.. how much did they work out at?
For now I have to make do with the cheap and cheerful look lol..
Hope your model is up for the job, neat to see it worn :)
Thank you for letting me knit this one as always a pleasure to do.

Gosh that is a lot of meds in a day and I hope you don't suffer too much losing one... I had a review of my meds.. I don't can't take many as they had odd effects on me.. so she wants me to try something new! first time tonight.

Take care
Pixie xxx

Tama said...

What a lovely shawl!!

Taking all of that pain med. is so hard on your body. My husband has been taking them so long now he is starting to have other problems from the medicine. He has tried to cut back, but just can't get his work done when he does.

Not to pry, but what happened to cause you such awful neck problems?