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Monday, June 16, 2008

Making you jealous

My first pics may make you all a bit jealous. Cornwall is a beautiful part of the country (when hte weather is nice). On Friday we made the most of the lovely weather (alhtough it wasn't actually all that warm). Simon took the day off and we drove down to a local seaside town, Looe, 10 mins away. Simon went snorkelling and I sat on the beach with my knitting. This was my view:

And straight ahead of me Looe Island.

My knitting this weekend has been mainly mobile phone socks. I'm doing a lot of deadline knitting right now and this weekend I jsut fancied a bit of a break and our church organises a Bible Week and all week there is a Craft Stall where church members can sell their hand made stuff. Last year I made just a fwe mobile phone socks out of left over sock yarn and they sold very well adn I kept knitting more during the week and as soon as they went on the stall they sold. so this year I thought I'd make a few more than last year. it's a great way to use up left over sock yarn and I will try to get the pattern written up and posted as a free pattern.

Here's this weekend's selection.

The pale grey one is silk.
This blue on with a silver fish (in silk) is mine.

Also made a sock for my friend's electronnic organiser which was too big so made a smaller one.


Sarah said...

Oh homesick and jealous!! Great phone socks there, hope they sell well again this year

Tama said...

I love your photos of the beach. So very beautiful! I would love to sit in such beautiful surroundings and knit all day. Sounds like a perfect day.

Good luck with your phone sock sales!

Judy said...

The scenery is glorious!! You lucky thing.
Those cell phone socks are really cute. Maybe I will make some for our Knitting Club's Christmas sale.


Judy said...

I have tagged you for a game if you want to play along.


psalm127 said...

oh how beautiful. I sure wish....but alas I live in a dessert sigh....Looking forward to the phone sock. I have lots of left over sock yarn. ha ha

Torhild Reidardatter said...

It is a great idea for left overs. Your fish reminds me of a pattern I have on some mittens- found in a sweedish book a couple of years ago- drawn in a scrapbook- i might have to get it and produce something with fish on it.Thanks for the inspiration- looks like a nice day at the beach, beatiful view.

Probably Jane said...

I am very jealous - I love Cornwall.