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Monday, May 12, 2008

New Ravelry Group

After a few people asked me I've set up a Ravelry group. Here is the link. Come and join me. I'm feeling lonely there right now. It's for anyone who likes my yarns or designs and members of my clubs, particularly the Lace Variety Club who don't have their own Ravelry goup or blog, but Sockamania members can join too althoug there is a Sockamania group too.

The group is there to share pics, ask questions, share ideas and just general chit chat.

Come and join me.


Pixie said...

Brilliant idea Anni and this will be a great place to share things made with your yarns and patterns :)

Kate/Massachusetts said...

I would love to join do I do that?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pixie. Kate, just clickon the link in the message or this link ( or search in RAvelry on YarnAddict Yarns & Anni Design and click on join. Or let me have your RAvelry name and I'll invite you.