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Monday, May 12, 2008

In Norway

We're in Norway. We arrived at my parent's house just before midnight on Friday. It's such a long trek from Cornwall to Norwya. The flight from London is only 2 hours, in fact this time it was less than 2 hours. But the drive up to London Stansted takes about 5-6 hours and you have to allow time for delays. So we set off just after 9am for a 7pm flight. It was a long day.

On Saturday wewent to the village I lived in from age 5 to 10 1/2 for a walk. Its a beautiful seaside village. We walked past our old house which was a huge old white wooden house with its own small private beach and a huge garden. I was horrified to see it's been knocked down to make way afor a modern house. The whole garden which was on several levels and included several pear trees have all gone too. And half hte beach has been covered in stones. It was so sad to see the house gone as it was so beautiful.

Weater has been gorgeous and hot since we arrived. Yesterday was my nephew's christening. His name is Storm, and yes it means the same in Norwegian as it does in English. Rather an unusual name but he is gorgeous. I saw him for the first time yesterday and I saw my other Norwegian nephew again too. He is 3 1/2 now. We had a lovely time yesterday. Teh church was a tiny wooden church which was completely full as there were 4 babies being christened.

Today we went back to Hvitsten, the village we went ot on Saturday, for a walk in the woods and an ice cream on the beach. And tomorrow we are off shopping.

I've found time to do some knitting too. Working on a new lace stole which I'm about half way and a new sock pattern which I started today, worked half the foot (its toe up) then frogged it and restarted it. Nearly half foot done.

Back to my knitting.



Tama said...

Please post some pictures. I would love to see where you are in Norway.

Pixie said...

Sounds like your having a great time, neat to catch up with family and relax which is what you so need after the past few weeks.

marit said...

Ha en flott ferie:-)