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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Where did the time go?

Just looked at my last post. Where did last week go? I can't believe I havne't blogged since Tuesday. well I've been busy since Tuesday. Quite a lot of dyeing last week, mainly for Pam's new online yarn shop stocking indie dyed yarns. I can't wait till she opens to see what yarns she has. It sounds like it's going to be gorgeous. I'm hoping to get my shipment for Pam packed up tomorrow. The yarns are taking forever to dry though. Roll on summer. I just can't wait for some long sunny days, not that we always get an awful lot of long sunny days here in Cornwall. But when the weather is nice it's gorgeous here. And when it's awful it's truly horrendous. If youdon't believe me scroll down a bit to see a post of me really enjoying a walk in the rain (and if you heard me say that sentence you'd hear the sarcasm in my voice). It's been the same sort of weather this weekend. Lots and lots of rain.

Did very little today. went to church this morning. We visited a church plant from our church in Bodmin. They only started up in November but are doing great.

The rest of the day I've been trying hard to stay awake and control the pain. Done some kniting on a new hat for Simon, knitted in possum wool. It's very soft. He's a bit fussy though so just hope he likes it.

And the reason I'm tired is because yesterday I had a fantastic day at Get Knitted in Bristol. Mytilus (did I spell that right) from Ravelry gave me a lift and we picked up Clare from Plymouth. We had a great drive up and got there in spite of my poor map reading skills. Although I knew if we followed signs for A4 Bath, we'd go right past the shop, but don't think Jen (the driver) really believed me. Unfortunately my map reading skills on the way home weren't any better although we did end up on the right road. I blame it on the awful sign posting in Bristol. I'm a brilliant map reader.

Met lots of online friends at GK and had a great time. Don't remember the names of half hte people I talked to and there were lots I didn't get a chance to talk to. And it was great to finally meet people I've talked to a lot online. More on GK tomorrow though when I'm a bit more awake. And I'll sort out pics of my stash enhancement tomorrow too. It's all still in the bag from yesterday. I'm keeping it hidden so I'm not tempted to cast on for anything new as I really, really need to finish a few things.

One of my main projects right now which is rather urgent has hit a major snag when I realised on Friday that the border repeat doesn't match up with the main pattern repeat. BLAST!!! Think I've worked out how to get around it without having to frog everything I've done. Will have to frog several rows though probably. I hate frogging lace. Going to rechart the design tomorrow when I'm a bit more awake.

So you get the message? Yes, I'm tired. So off to read a couple of blogs, put Ness to bed and them I'm off to bed myself. Tomorrow I've got lots of reskeining to do on my new skein winder. More on that and pics tomorrow. Lots of pics tomorrow of hand dyed yarn, GK haul and skein winder.



Joy said...

Maps and signs are fine for people who know where they are going Anni ;-) It sounds like a lovely day.

psalm127 said...

Oh I feel so tired just reading what you have been doing. I haven't kept up with my blogging very much either. I did post twice last week. I have one of New Years socks done and have got the second one down to the gusset. I hope to finish decresing on the gusset today and start the foot rounds. Almost there. It is turning out to be soooooo lovely. I have had many compliments while working on them around town. DD1 has to go to physical therapy three times a week. Makes it chanlenging to do all the kids school work when I am gone so much.

Mytilus said...

You are a brilliant navigator. I would so have gone the wrong way!

More importantly, you kept me awake and alert by chatting to me during the drives up and down!