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Sunday, January 06, 2008

More handspun

Yes, I've got more handspun to show you. It wa finished a few days ago. the first one is BFL from The Yarn Yard . This was only the 2nd single I spun and it's not perfect but not too bad. I plyed it with some bamboo. The bamboo single was spun finer than the BFL and didn't 'fluff up' at all. I quite like the look though. Got about 170 gr and it's between fingering/4ply weight and dk weight. Thinking about making a moebius scarf with it.

The 2nd one is just a small skein. I'd spun some merino/silk fibre I dyed myself and I had a lot fo bamboo single left from the BFL/ bamboo spinning so decided to ply it with some merino/silk which was sitting on my bobbin. Not sure about the colour combo, but it's nice and even and finer than my other yarns. It's a perfect 4ply/fingering weight.
Here's some merino/silk from the Yarn Yard. The colours are just stunning. The purple/lilac one is being spun at the moment. I may ply it with some of my won merino/silk to make it go a bit further.

We went for a walk on the moors today. It wasn't too bad when we left home althoug hit looked like it was going to rain. And it did once we got halfway through our walk. I've shown you beautiful pictures of the Cornish moors and beaches on sunny days and everyone agrees it looks beautiful but this is what Cornwall is really like:

Em and Simon walking ahead of me and the dog is there somewhere too

And this is how much Iwas enjoying the walk. Think the picture speaks for itself really.

I had intended to update ETsy this week but I've been ill, from New Years Day to yesterday really which was the first day I felt normal again. Still not sleeping very well due to coughing so ver ytired. Because of this the big update didn't happen, but I'll get it done in the next week sometime. All the yarns have been reduced in the big NEW YEARS BONANZA though so go grab your bargain NOW.


Tama said...

Your handspun is gorgeous! I really love it! Your pictures of the Cornish moors are what I think of when I picture Cornwall!! Very much like Washington State here in the US.

Pixie said...

Love what you have spun.. so scrummy yummy :)

I hope you will be a lot better soon.. got Saturday to look forward too :))

Have a good week

Probably Jane said...

Wow, your spinning is going from strength to strength! I'm spinning some of n's merino silk at the moment - it is lovely isn't it?

kathryn said...

Your handspun is gorgeous and I love the - is it a moebius? - on your head.

Everyone I speak to has been ill over Christmas but it's no consolation to know you're not alone... Hope you're feeling better soon :)

psalm127 said...

Oh it looks cold. Love the head scarf. That would be something I would love to try one of these days.