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Monday, December 31, 2007


Just a quick post today as I'm supposed to be gettign ready for to host a party for 18 people tonight (8 of them are kids). It sounds horrendous but it 's not as bad as it sounds as everyone are bringing a dish of food and a bottle so I'm not doing all the catering. I do have to tidy up the house though and this morning I've been working on the spare room which also doubles as a yarn storage room and home office. While clearing up all my unlisted yarns I've been listing some on Etsy.

There is also going to be a NEW YEARS BONANZA in my Etsy shop which starts officially tomorrow but all hte new yarns I've listed are at the BONANZA price and I've reduced a lot of the old yarns too. All the yarns that are reduced have 'NEW YEAR BONANZA' in hte title. More yarns will be added and reduced tomorrow. They're all limited quantity and most are limited editions too so be quick.

Back to tidying up now. Got to get this room finished. One thing that's shocked me is the amount of yarn I've not listed on Etsy yet. Got to get that rectified tomorrow.

Back with a longer post and some pics tomorrow, in the meantime, take it easy those of you who are partying tonight. Not too much alcolhol and be careful if you're sending up fireworks.



Pixie said...

Wow that is a houseful Anni, have fun :))
Whoo on the bonanza.. will peek in tomorrow to check it out.. its hard choosing between your yarns and each one is gorgeous.

My evening will be quiet .. me on my own sitting with a dog that is terrified of fireworks
Happy New Year to you all

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Happy New Year! Hope your party goes very well!

psalm127 said...

OOOO must go and check it out. I have told others of your etsy store and they should be over to buy yarn. Have a wonderful New Years Party. I hope to be sleeping ha ha. Enjoy Laura

Piglottie said...

Happy New Year Anni! I hope you enjoy your party tonight :)

Tama said...

How did you find time to post with that size of a group coming over! Hope you all have a wonderful time. Happy New Year. P.S. Can't wait for my cashmere!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for all the new years wishes and the purchases.

We had a great time last night. It was a great family party atmosphere with tons of food, a little drink (although several people there were either teetotalers or driving) and lots of good chat and a few fun games thrown in. Noone left till gone 1am. Now we're clearing up.

Probably Jane said...

Glad to hear your party went with a swing - may your New Year brings all that you hope for.