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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Club yarn preview

Can't believe how the days have flown again. Okay, I'm starting to sound like a broken record so I won't mention it again.
I've been busy dyeing the first batch of the club dyeing this week. They're still drying but are nearly dry now. I'm even thinking about reskeining them all this month to make them look even prettier. Even Simon commented on how pretty they looked. I started knitting the Feb socks iwth my yarn this morning and it knits up perfectly. And as a sneak preview, here's a pic:
yes, I've taken all the colour out of the pic. You didn't think I was going to reveal the secret before sending them out did you? If you want to find out what htey're gonna look like head over to Etsy now to book your place in the Sockamania PLUS Club. There are only two spaces left for February. There is a possibility of another 2 or 3 spaces possibly becoming vacant. So if the club is sold out, e-mail me through Etsy or the blog and I'll put you on the waiting list and let you know next week if you're in. Just waiting for 3 people to confirm whether or not they're renewing their club membership. So don't waste any time, sign up quickly.

Here's this month's club yarn. Ilove this colourway. IT's my favorite so far, or was, until I dyed Feb's colourway which is now my new favorite.

Some new yarns listed this week. Here's a bit of a taster:
The same 'Girly' colourway in merino and bamboo.

Some before and after reskeining pics:
A group of beautiful yarns:
A couple of more of my faves listed on Etsy this week:
First, merino/seacell cobweb lace

and some Cashmere Lace:I'm working flat out on a design which needs to be with an editor by the end of the month. Also started (yes, started) work on the Feb sock for Sockamania. So panic mode now. Lots and lots of knitting on those two projects and only those two for the next week. Was awake at 4.30am this morning though and as I was in too much pain for knititng I allowed myself an hours spinning. Pure Bliss! I'll show you a pic of what Ispun next time I post. Got a bobbin full of merino/silk now.

Off for a mid afternoon nap after my sleepless night. got the latest copy of Spin Off today so going to read it until Ifall asleep.

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.


Pixie said...

Dribble and drool.. what luscious yarn your showing us..

Happy Napping.. says Pixie just woken up from one lol

Really nice spending time with you last week

Hugs Pixie

Tama said...

As always! Such beautiful yarn!!! I want all of them! Purple is one of my least favorite colors, but that cashmere lace is GORGEOUS!!!. Can't wait for February's pattern. I am really having fun with your yarn and patterns. They are so nice to work with.

Jolynn said...


Peachy said...

I really planned to finish this month's sock on time as I just looove the colourway, but with all kinds of stuff intruding (like being sick for a week, but hey, if that means 5 years of no family planning I'm still happy about it) I guess I'll be a straggler again. And I really love the pattern, too, there are not so many patterns for variegated yarns out there, I think I'll be knitting those socks more than once!

Oh, and that cobweb seacell yarn ... I'm so in love with the colours!

Jane said...

Gorgeous yarns, Anni!

psalm127 said...

LOL so when we post our Feb socks should we take the color out too? I am dieing to see the new yarn and pattern. You have got me hooked. You should see the yarn that arrived this week. Now I need more time to knit. Boy am I looking forward to summer when I wont be teaching the kids. ha ha.

gilraen said...

Anni Congratulations on the lovely Diamond socks in Yarn Forward! I've queued them already :) Now to find suitable yarn from stash :) Take care you busy busy lady :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone. I'm so excited about the sock pattern in YF Gilraen.