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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Yarn Detectives

Today is exactly 6 months since I opened my Etsy Shop. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. And to celebrate the occasion, there is a special offer on Etsy. 1 free pattern with every skein of yarn ordered. To get your free pattern, please enter the name of the pattern you'd like in the info box on either the Etsy check out or Paypal and I'll include a printed version of the pattern with your yarn.

And now to the promised competition. It's called 'Yarn Detective'. I'll be showing some photos of some of my yarns. You've got to tell me which yarn (ie Merino Lace, Merino Sock Yarn, Merino 4ply, Cashmere Lace etc) it is. All winners' names will be put into a hat and one winner will receive a skein of YarnAddict yarn and pattern of their choice. The competition is open until Sunday 9th December midnight UK time. I'll do the draw on Monday morning so check back then for the winner. If there are a lot of correct entries Imay draw more than one winner.

To help you all the yarns shown are currently for sale on Etsy or at least they were when I posted this competition but they may have been sold during the competition.

Are you ready to play 'Yarn Detective'? You don't have to give me the name ofthe colourway, just which type of yarn it is. Answers in 'Comments' please.

Yarn 1:
Yarn 2:

Yarn 3: Yarn 4:
Yarn 5:
yarn 6:Yarn 7:Yarn 8:Yarn 9:Yarn 10:

Remember you can find clues on Etsy and I've done a big Etsy updae today too. And don't forget free pattern of your choice with every skein purchased.


Craftybernie said...

Hiya - what a great idea for a comp!. Here's my entries:

No.1: - Cashmere Lace
No.2: - Merino Sock Yarn
No.3: - Merino Lace
No.4: - BFL Sock Yarn
No.5: - Merino 4ply/fingering
No.6: - Merino 4ply/fingering
No.7: - Cashmere Lace
No.8: - Cashmere Lace
No.9: - 4ply/fingering
No.10: - Cashmere Lace

Your Etsy shop is looking pretty healthy for a 6month old. Well done, you must be really proud! Bernie xx

Anonymous said...

Here's my go too

1, Pure Cashmere Lace
2, Easycare Merino Sock Yarn Happy Days
3, Pure Merino Lace
4, Pure BFL Superwash Sock Yarn
5, Pure merino 4ply
6, Pure merino 4ply viola
7, Pure Cashmere Lace
8, Pure Cashmere Lace
9, Easycare Merino Sock Yarn
10, Pure Cashmere Lace

and very beautiful they all are too!

MamaMay said...

thanks for posting on my blog. Love your yarns.

Pixie said...

Great comp Anni.. so many lovely yarns too :)
Here are my answers

Yarn 1: Pure Cashmere Lace
Yarn 2: Easycare Merino Sock Yarn
Yarn 3: Pure Merino Lace
Yarn 4: Pure BFL Superwash Sock Yarn
Yarn 5: Pure Merino 4ply/fingering weight
Yarn 6: Pure Merino 4ply/fingering weight
Yarn 7: Pure Cashmere Lace
Yarn 8: Pure Cashmere Lace
Yarn 9: Easycare Merino Sock Yarn
Yarn 10: Pure Cashmere Lace


Bim said...

Detta var lite kinkigt, leta och klura... hm, gissningarna kommer här, urk...
1. Pure Cashmere Lace
2. Easycare Merino Sock Yarn
3. Pure Merino Lace
4. Pure BFL Superwash Sock Yarn
5. Pure Merino 4ply/fingering weight
6. Pure Merino 4ply/fingering weight
7. Pure Cashmere Lace
8. Pure Cashmere Lace
9. Easycare Merino Sock Yarn
10. Pure Cashmere Lace

Undrar jag, hrmpf... dra nu rätt vinnare är du snäll, hihihi...
Klem, Bim
Bims Portal!/Sjöbackas blogg

Ingalill said...

Garn 1. Pure Cashmere Lace
Garn 2. Easycare Merino Sock Yarn
Garn 3. Pure Merino Lace
Garn 4. Pure BFL Superwash Sock Yarn
Garn 5. Pure Merino 4ply/fingering weight
Garn 6. Pure Merino 4ply/fingering weight
Garn 7. Pure Cashmere Lace
Garn 8. Pure Cashmere Lace
Garn 9. Easycare Merino Sock Yarn
Garn 10. Pure Cashmere Lace

It took a lot of time to finish this list! And I found a lot of yarns that I want to have... I hope for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies for your detective work. Check out today's post (10 dec) for the winner. Only one person got one wrong.