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Monday, December 03, 2007


Thought I'd do a spinning update today. The silk/merino roving (peachy/lilaccy stuff in the sidebar) is all spun up. Had 50gr of it and it's done. It's Touch Yarns merino/silk roving from Spin A Yarn and it's gorgeous. I've spun it quiet thinly. Now I'm spinning some silk roving which I've dyed myself and the plan is to ply these two singles together. Here's the silk which I started on today:

And here is the rest of the silk roving I dyed last week (or was it the week before). I'm happy with the result although it kind of looks a bit messy. I was hoping it might be good enough to list on Etsy but I'm not sure. May just keep it for myself. I'm planning to add roving to my Etsy shop soon though. Just got to decide what to order and where from.

Also dyed lots of cashmere silk lately, just got to find time to list them all on Etsy. Dyed the last of my current cashmere lot today. I love this yarn and I cast on for a project over the weekend. And this is the colourway I chose:

And here is a taster of some of the others:

I've also been dyeing some superwash wool sock yarn and some wool/bamboo sock yarn lately. It's a special order from an online shop and it's the first time I've dyed this yarn and it's been fun. I've got some of the wool/bamboo yarn on order for myself. I can't wait to add it to the shop.

And guess what else is coming soon, merino/seacell laceweight and 4ply and aran silk yarn. I'm so excited about this. I've been looking for a merino/seacell yarn for ages. Would love to get some silk/seacell too but it's got to wait. It'll be fun having a new yarn to dye. I love trying otu new yarns. It's amazing how different they all are to dye. Great fun.

Simon has finished decorating our lounge/dining room now. He finished all hte woodwork this weekend, the walls were done the weekend before. Still got to put all hte furniture back and the house still stinks of paint. We've ordered a new settee and they should have called me sometime last week to arrange delivery so I'd better get on to them tomorrow and start nagging. Now the lounge is finished I'd like our new settee in there. Our old one is ancient and really worn and dated so it'll be lovely to have a brand new one. This will only be the 2nd one we've owned in our marriage.

Off to the knitting group at Spin A yarn tomorrow. My local craft shop, Painters, is having a kntting group tomorrow as well. Can't believe it, 2 in a day. I'm off to Spin A Yarn first then i may pop into Painters on the way home if i feel like it.

Off to do some more work on Sockamania January socks now.

Look out for a 6 month anniversary competition later in the week.


Tama said...

What beautiful fiber and yarn!!! I just love how silk spins up don't you! Love my new pattern, by the way!!

Probably Jane said...

Can you hear my little voice in your ear? 'Get a spinning wheel...get a spinning wheel...' I'm sure you would be an absolute natural.