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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Spinning progress

Been too busy spinning lately to post much. LOL. I'm hooked. Very little knitting going on these days. As soon as I've got a few spare minutes I pull my wheel out. Thought that it'd take a lot of time to set up a wheel etc and that it wasnot as convenient as adrop spindle but I was wrong. Love it now and it's so relaxing.

So here is my first plyed yarn. It's spun from Yarn Yard BFL and it's not got enough twist in it and it's very uneven and lumpy but I'm still proud of it and it's ever so soft. Also it's not been finished off yet. It's probably Aran weight and it's only 30 gr of it so not knitting anything withit. Got another bobbin with about the same amount again plyed. Thought I'd finish one skein off properly and compare the difference.

Then it was onto some Cherry Yarn Yard BFL. And this is how the singles look. I spun the whole 100gr onto one bobbin and I'm going to ply it with some of this Bamboo (which I dyed yesterday). That's my Christmas Day project - spinning the bamboo.
While I'm wiating for it to dry, I'm spinning some merino/tencel from Spincerely on Etsy. I've spun half onto one bobbin and I've nearly finished the 2nd half. So I'm hoping to ply this on Monday. It's lovely to spin after I got over the problems iwth starting it off. Long colour repeats and a nice shine. Hoping it'll be about sock weight but it may be a bit thicker.
My spinning is definitely getting more even and I'm trying to add more twist to the singles. Think it's just a matter of trial and error to learn how much twist I need to add. There are so many stages where you loose some twist.
I'm really obsessed with spinning ow though. There is very little knitting going on. Did about 10 rows on the Sockamania January socks today which I need to finish before Christmas. Only got half a foot left to do.
And look, Santa came early:
This sack of 15 kg of various fibres sat in the hallway waiting for me when I came back from shopping on Wednesday. My cleaner was here and I jsut hope hte driver carried it in to hte hallway for her as it's rather heavy and she's tiny. There is 10kg of merino, some merino pencil roving, merino/silk (dyed some of that already for me to spin iwth over christmas), bamboo and tencel. The bamboo and tence looks gorgeous and very silky. Anyone know how to dye pure tencel? That's my post Christmas dyeing project. Dyeing up all that fibre.
The January Sockamania yarn got dyed today. I'd done about 1/3 already and did hte rest today. I didn't think it was gonna get done before Christmas so I'm very relieved. Simon did a great job helping me with the skeining yesterday. He's ill by the way. Flu symptoms and it's more than 'manflu' unfortunately. He was burning up last night. was like sleeping next to a radiator. We were going to decorate the tree today but I need Simon to get up in the loft for hte decorations and get the Christmas tree in so it didn't get done today. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Or we may be doing it on Christmas Day.
Happy Christmas everyone!


Pixie said...

Love what you have spun so far, all the colours of your yarns are fab.
Hope you get the tree sorted and Simon gets over his man flu!

Merry Christmas to you all xxx

Piglottie said...

Great spinning Anni! I especially love the cherry coloured one. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

belaybunny said...

I'm very impressed with your new set of wheels and especially the yarn you've been spinning!! Have a great Christmas and New Year!!

Anonymous said...

It's definitely practice makes perfect with spinning, but it's so much fun doing it, not a chore in the least :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. I hope Simon feels better soon and that you don't catch it!

gilraen said...

Anni I am in awe of anyone who spins! :) I hope everyone is better for Christmas. God Jul, Nollaig Shona (Irish), Happy Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year :)

BellaMama said...

Hope you all stay well & feel better very soon!!
I've seen other spinners that wash or soak their wool after spinning to fluff the fibers. It evens out some of the lopsided plys.
(this is what I've read, I've only drop spinned about 25 grams - it's mostly worsted, but there's a bit of fingering and bulky too, hehe!!)
Keep letting us know all those wonderful spinning (& dyeing) details. For those of us who want to spin and don't or can't, it's really pleasant to be included!
Blessings, Mrs.C.