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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lady's got wheels

Or rather she has one wheel. Yes I got a spinning wheel today. Been keen to get one for a while and over the weekend I decided I was going to spend my Christmas money on one. So Istarted looking online and asking questions. Huge thanks to Natalie, Hanne, Tracy, Clare and lots of other online friends for offering advice and suggestions. Tracy kindly pointed me in the direction of the Loom Exchange where there was one listed iwth a local (next town on) phone number so I rang up yesterday and the lady lived only about 15 minutes away. So this fternoon I set off around Cornwall's narrow lanes. Teh lady was lovely and gave me a quick demo and let me ahve ago. A bit nervewracking spinning on a wheel for the first time when you're buying a new one. She must have thought I was a right numptie, buying a wheel before I can spin. The wheel came home with me.

SEt it up as soon as I got home and had a go. It was spinning allright but the spun yarn wound't wind onto the bobbin. Spent ages trying to work out what was wrong. To cut a long story short, the break band (or whatever it's called) had come off the end of the bobbin, once it was back on it worked perfectly.

I coudn't stop spinning all afternoon. The family were lucky to get fed today. Carried on after our evening meal and in no time at all I'd spun up 50gr of BFL. Decided ot take bobbin off and spin the other 50gr on to another bobbin. Then I ran into problems again. Just don't seem toget started properly so decided to take a break, clear up after tea, tidy up a bit and do some computer stuff, like list some yarns on Etsy. More spinning later.

Here's a preview of some of hte Etsy yarns:

Bamboo Sock Yarn:

This shade is available in both bamboo and merino/seacell:

Merino/Seacell sock yarn:

Two skeins of merino/Seacell which I'm keeping for myself:

Got some merino/seacell lace yarn too but that'll have to wait till tomorrow. The spinnign wheel is calling me.

Problem is I've got some Christmas knitting to finish URGENTLY. Do you think people would mind being given a skein of hand spun yarn instead of a knitted item? Not very useful if they don't knit I suppose.


Piglottie said...

Oooh, lovely spinning wheel Anni - although I was looking at the cute little dog in the picture (is it yours?). And your new yarns are beautiful :)

Tama said...

Congrats!!!!on your new wheel! Isn't it fun! I love hand spun yarn, it is so nice. The new bamboo sock yarn is lovely--especially the blue (my favorite of course). I would love it if I could convince my family to get me skeins of yarn for Christmas instead of Knick-Knacks LOL!

Pixie said...

Lucky you with a wheel :)
Love the cute little dog sat in the photo..
Love the yarns as well you know, I would love skeins of yarn.. would love a swift too.. perhaps I am aiming too high here, will have to continue with an upside down chair lol

Anonymous said...

That's our dog, Sam, Piglottie. She's a Jack Russell Cross. She's lovely and a great guard dog. Hates anyone but immediate family. And barkes like mad when anyone comes to the house. Not keen on kids iehter apart from my kids.

Good luck Tama, training your family to buy you skeins of yarn instead of other stuff. Mine would never know what to buy though. I know I'm getting knitting books though as I told Simon what I wanted.

Pixie, a swift is well worth it. Sunflower swifts (at Get Knitted) are brilliant and hte one I got. It's so worth the money if you buy a lot of skeins. And with a ball winder it only takes a couple of minutes to wind a ball.

Pixie said...

Thanks for letting me know my yarn is on its way and about the swift... will go and look at them at Get Knitted.
I have the ball winder, but do get in a tangle with the chair legs lol.
TY on my socks too.. :)

Probably Jane said...

Lovely wheel - it is easy to get carried away when it's all new isn't it? You are making grand progress though - can't wait to see your first yarn!

Tracey said...

Lovely wheel well done on spinning straight away. It looks great.
I have my first lesson on the 28th Dec so hopefully I'll soon be spinning too.

Piglottie said...

Thanks for posting a reply Anni! Sam is gorgeous, and I love Jack Russells as we had them when I was younger.

Put a Sock in it said...

Nice wheel! :) Good job on the spinning too!

psalm127 said...

Love the wheel. I bought one last month and started to learn to spin on it. Don't get much time to play though...maybe after the first of the year.

Anonymous said...

I am a beginning spinner with a wheel like yours. I just wish I had someone around here to spin with.