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Friday, December 14, 2007

Knitting 9 to 5....

Do you know the Dolly Parton song 'Working 9 to 5'? Well, change the 'working' to 'knitting' and that's about how I'm feeling right now. Knitting is starting to become a chore right now. I've got several things on the go which have got to be done including some stuff which needs to be done before Christmas.

I had huge plans for my Christmas knitting and the only ones that are actually going to happen are two scarves for two family members who've never had any of my scarves before. I doubt they read my blog but I won't mention names just in case. I also handed over 4 of the fun fur scarves my neighbour ordered the other day and she immediately ordered 2 more, one of which she needs by Thursday. I'm half way through that one but it's soooo boring. I've also got 3 scarves of her original order to do, but I think only one of htem is needed before Christmas. Only problem is I can't get the right colour yarn.

One of the two scarves i talked about above is over half way I think. I was kind of hoping I could get it off hte needles tonight but I think that might be a bit of a push unless I stay up all night, which I'm not planning to do.

I did finish something else today though. It's not been otn for more than a week or so and it's a quick knit but I ran out of yarn half way through and had to dye some more and wait for it to dry. IT's done now and I'm wearing it. It's soft, incredibly soft, and cozy and that's about all the clues you're gonna get as it's one of my secret project. I'm hoping to get the photos done tomorrowand the pattern typed up over the weekend and then the whole thing will be sent off to an editor somewhere for consideration.

I'm also making some progress on the Sockamania January socks. I turned hte heel the other night. Just a quick trip down the foot now. I'd planned to dye the yarn this weekend so that Simon can help but I've got two problems. The original prototype I dyed which I love, I didn't write down the recipes carefully enough so I've got to do another trial dyeing. Also I've got some more merino on order and it's not arrived yet. Should be here any day though. I'm not sending out the yarn until 27th Dec but I'd like to get it done in plenty of time fo christmas. However, the skeining off hte cone is so timeconsuming and I'm not looking forward to it. I've got a skein winder on order. Only amanual one but still it should be easier. It should have been shipped this week so I'm hoping it's somewhere halfway across the Atlantic by now. Do I wait a few more days to see if it turns up before I start the club yarn or do I get on with skeining the club yarn the slow way i've been doing up to now? Or do I make Simon skein it all. He's not as fast as I am with hte swift though and he sometimes gets in a bit of a mess with it.

By the way, if you want to treat yourself to a Christmas pressie and sign upfor Sockamania PLUS for January, there are 3 or 4 spaces left. Once I start dyeing though they'll be taken down and sign ups for January will be closed. If you're already a Sockamaia PLUS member and your membership is due for renewal and you haven't gotten around to e-mailing me yet be quick as it's nearly all gone. Check out my Etsy store for new memberships.

Another thing i need to try to do this weekend, is list some more yarn. I've got some more Bamboo down stairs and I've got some bits and pieces which are done and photographed but which hasn't been listed yet so there will be a small update over the weekend sometime.

Back to my knitting now.

Have a happy, knitterly weekend everyone.

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