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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Finally something finished.

Yes, I've not had anything finished to show for what seems like ages. I only cast on for this Chevron Ripple Scarf last week and for the last week it's been my easy knitting. The kind of knitting I do when I'm in too much pain or can't concentrate enough to do anything more complicated. I like my easy knitting to consist of just knit rows, so stocking stitch if i'm working in the round or garter stitch if I'm working flat. So this scarf fitted the bill perfectly. And because my neck/back and shoulders have been bad for the last week, especially over the weekend there was a bit too much easy knitting going on when ihsould be doing something more complicated.
But I love the result. I've seen chevron scarves popping up all over the place in blog land lately and they all seem to be from the same book, which I can't remember the title of now. I don't have the book and didn't really want to buy it and let's face it, a chevron pattern is not the most dififcult to design so I made my own. And for those of you who think what I just said about a chevron pattern being easy to design is a load of rubbish and wouldn't know where to start, the pattern will be listed on Etsy soon. Just got to find time to type up the pattern.

I used Posh Yarn Sophia 4ply (100% cashmere) from my stash. The variegated is orange, pink and a little bit of purple and I did four rows of variegated and then two rows of solid purple. I used about 100gr in total. Any 4ply can be used. This scarf isn't massively long but long enoug hfor me. I wanted to have enough of the yarn left to do a matching chevron hat. Any 4ply can be used for the scarf and it's ideal if you've got several different colours of same yarn thickness that you can alternate. Great way to use up some left over sock yarn.

There's been dyeing going on here too. I did some last week which never made it on to Etsy. I finally got around to taking pics yesterday and I've edited them today. I was planning to put them on Etsy tonight but I'm too tired to concentrate on that now. The 'Noughts & Crosses' Pattern will be going on Etsy tomorrow as will the Elegance pattern. they're from Sockamania September and October.

Here's a preview of tomorrow's yarn update. It's all merino lace and merino 4ply.

And I've been dyeing today. Lots of sock yarn and some merino lace. This is what was on my line this afternoon. I just can't get used to how early it goes dark now. It was already getting dark when I got the yarns in and it wasn't even 5pm yet.

I've been spinning too. On my new drop spindle. I'm spinning some of my own handdyed merino on my new spindle. And my old spindle is being used for the red Touch merino/silk. I prefer my new spindle as it's much smoother and lighter to use so the merino is getting a lot more attention than the merino silk. at the moment. I want to finish spinning and plying both though by the 17th Nov. I'll tell you why later.
And to finish off I have to show you this pic I took last week. It's a pile of undyed merino 4ply form Uruguay. I think it's about 500gr. This merino is very different from my merino sock yarn. It's slightly thicker, single ply and so incredibly soft. It's got a handspun quality to it. Very typical of Uruguay apparently. But the most amazing thing is that when I get it out of the box it's so curly. I was hoping it'd show up in the photo but it shows up much better irl. Still, it's gorgeous. Not recommended for socks though unless you like to handwash. Thsi yarn definitely cna't be machine washed unless you want to felt it.


psalm127 said...

Wow, I don't know how you do it all. The colors look great. The scarf is wonderful. I hear you on the easy knitting. I am working on a shawl for my Step mom for Christmas. It is just a simple knit and perl. I am doing this while waiting for the Sockamania Plus yarn to arrive. I am playing a game with myself here. Seeing how much of the shawl I can do or how many shawls I can make before I get my sock yarn. Ha the things we do to accomplish our tasks.

Sarah said...

Love the colours in this post. Great scarf.

Ramboline said...

Hei Anniken!

Flott garn og nydelig farger! Jeg likte godt fargene du har valgt i skjerfet.

Vi er faktisk i Manchester akkurat nå. Vi har sett United mot Dinamo Kiev og skal se kampen mot Blackburn på søndag.

Dessverre har jeg ikke funnet en eneste butikk med garn her i Manchester, men kanskje blir det en bok med noe mønster i stedet.