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Friday, November 02, 2007

Another week

Can't believe i have't blogged for a week. This week has not been as busy as last week so no excuse for not blogging. The girls have been on their half term holidays this week so they've kept me busy. Not qutie as much time for knitting asnormal. And nothing very exciting to write about.

I've been working on a new design for a magazine. It's been lots of swatcing and frogging but I've finally come up with a design I'm happy with. Becasue of the design a swatch won't really show up the design so I've started the actual item, and have got to knit enough to show th eactual design well enough before I send off pics to the editor for approval. Then I can get going on it full speed.

I needed an easy knit this week to keep me going for those periods I couldn't work on th above design. yes, I've got a plain garter stitch scarf for Ness on the go, a stocking stitch gilet for Em and several other easy projects but I just couldn't resist casting on for a new design. I've seen lots of chevron scarves lately on various blogs. they're all from the same book which I haven't got so I decided to have a go at designing my own version of the chevron scarf. I'm knitting it up in some Posh Yarn cashmere 4ply and it's looking beautiful. It's quick to knit up and I'm nearly half way. I'm planning to do a hat and hadn warmers in the same design.

My Sublime Spindle arrived today. It's gorgeous. Very light and smooth. I'll take a pic of it tomorrow. Light too bad for pics now. I know absolutely nothing about the terminology surrounding spindles and my old spindle has got the round 'disc thing' at the top but this new one has it at the bottom which kind of confused me a bit. But I've conquered it. I got out some of my own hand dyed merino and started spinning. It's fantastic and light to spin with. It's smaller than my other spindle and much smoother to spin with.

Time to get Sockamania sorted out now. I'm aiming to get the NOvember patterns out tonight.


Piglottie said...

Sounds like you've been very busy designing Anni, and am looking forward to seeing your efforts :)

psalm127 said...

I am looking forward to see what you are putting together. I think that it is so exciting to have your designs going to a magazine. WOW. I got my Nov pattern via email today and it looks lovely. I almost grabbed some yarn and started it, but reminded myself that I need to wait for my package to come. I guess I am glad that it isn't here yet, I need to finish up somethings for the craft fair tomorrow. I hope it comes in the mail while I am gone, if not then I guess I am just taking a break for a couple of days.LOL Oh but it is so tempting to cast on with some other yarn, the pattern is lovely. Well I need to go finish a baby hat.

Kate said...

Garnet og m√łnstret har kommet og jeg er i full gang. Nydelig garn.

blog-blethers said...

Can't wait to see your new design, Anni!

I reckon there's a time when we all need a straightforward, no-thinking knit to do, isn't there? I love those Chevron scarves too and gave into temptation, buying the book! Again excuse to spend;)