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Thursday, October 25, 2007

What a week

This week has been so busy but a lot of fun.

First, K-Tog in Lustleigh, Devon on Sunday afternoon was fantastic. Terri and her group had put in a lot of work putting it all together. I was there to do a mini sock workshop and I'd brought two baskets of yarns to sell and some patterns. I also brought some of my knitting and 3 jumpers my Mum knitted for the girls when they were younger to display.

There were ltos of displays, a felting workshop, spinning and dyeing demos and a stitch n bitch cafe which I'd planned on visiting but I didn't get time. Adn the cakes looked so gorgeous. I'd also wanted to check out hte spinning but no time for thateither. It was so busy. I had peopel around the stall all the time. I had six people for the workshop and they all started at differetn times and they were all great and we had a lot of fun. One of the ladies I knew from the knitting group at Spin A Yarn and one lady attended my workshop at Spin A Yarn on Tuesday.

I also met 2 Norwegian ladies who were there on holiday. It was such a surprise to meet a Norwegian on the edge of Dartmoor but very nice. Also met a lovely American lady, Trudy, who had lived in Sweden and spoke pretty good Swedish which is similar to Norwegian so we could understand each other. She was at my Tuesday workshop too.

Here's a pic of my stall at K-Tog

and here's Joyce's stall (Spin A Yarn) before it opened. It was crammed full of people once it opened.

On Tuesday I drove up to Bovey Tracey (which is close to where I was on Sunday) to run a sock knitting workshop at Spin A Yarn. I had 4 ladies and they were all fantastic. One lady is Norwegian but have lived over here most of her life and she was down in Devon on holiday.Another lady was Trudy who I met on Sunday and who spoke Swedish. Then there were two other local ladies. We had a great laugh and I hope the ladies enjoyed it and learnt a lot. It's amazing how quickly the time goes.

And I was amazed at how many people were in and out of the shop all day. Apart from a quite period at lunch time the shop was packed all day. Joyce and her assistant, Alli, were kept very busy. We had a few stop and look out our mini socks too and admiring our skills with 4 dpns. And yes I did buy something but not for me, it was for someone else as a pressie so no photos. Only got a circular needle for me as I needed a 100cm long 5mm circular needle for a shawl in progress.

I'm teaching another workshop at Spin A Yarn in November. It's lace knitting for beginners next time and Ithink it's on Tue 27th Nov. Get your place booked quickly as places are limited.

Talking of lace. I've got a secret project on the go. I charted for it last night and coudn't wait to get started this morning and so far it's looking great. No pics or design details. All I'll say is that it'll hopefully appear in a mag next spring. My lips are sealed for now. But I'm so excited about it.

What else have I done this week? Well I dyed the rest of the club yarn on Monday and taught my daughter's Guide pack to knit last night. Taht was fun. They all did so well and enjoyed it. Even the ones who'd thought it'd be boring. The ones who struggled with the knitting did fingerknitting and I had some furry, glittery yarns with me. Jan, the Guider, who's a friend of mine and my massage therapist, made a gorgeous mobile phone holder out of some gorgeous soft novelty ayrn, I think it's called Gypsy and it's unbelivably soft.

Most of the international club parcels were posted yesterday and the rest are goig tomorrow togehter with the UK ones. I had planned to take the to the po today but I was just exhausted. Fell asleep in my chair this morning and struggled thsi afternoon.

And this evening we've had a B&Q consultant around to design and give us a quote for a new kitchen. I love the design he came up with. Our kitchen room is a difficult room as it has 3 doors and abig window and it's not that big. But his solution looks good. Bad news is that they won't be able to do it till January. We're getting another quote from someone else though before we decide.

To finish, a pic of some yarns I dyed about two weeks ago but I thougth they looked so good on the line. They're all South American Merino, some lace and some 4ply and some are in the shop now.
Nite x


psalm127 said...

The yarn looks yummy Anni. Looking forward to my parcel

Sarah said...

Glad all the teaching went well; sounds great fun if a bit tiring!

Tama said...

The yarn looks like taffy. YUMMY taffy.

TutleyMutley said...

Thanks again for coming up to our K-TOG! I've just blogged about it and put up a few pics that my friend Kate took - unfortunately she didn't get any little sock pics :-(
Your sock club looks verrrry inviting - green is one of my favourite colours. (And red, purple, blue etc etc!)