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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Spinning progress

First, a quick progress pic on my spinning. I'm spinning up the roving from previous post into some yarn taht I actually want to knit something out of. This is not a practice yarn. This is how far I'd gotten last night, look at the beautiful dark colour:

Then I had a section of bright red which Ispun this morning and this evening, this is how it looks:
I'm making progress. Not sure how much I've actually spun, but I figure if I spin up half the roving and then take it off and then spin up the 2nd half I should be okay when it comes to plying it.

My other priority project is the 'Celtic Knot' Scarf, which is progressing beautifully. I did consider casting off tonight but I still had 30 gr of the skein left so decided to do one more pattern rep and then check the length again. Not sure how long I want it. And ofcourse it's the stretching to take into account when blocking.

My other main job today has been to finish the reskeining of skeins dyed earlier in the week. I'm nearly done now. Had to give up in hte end as my back couldn't take anymore. At the moment I'm in the process of updating Etsy. Here's a preview of some of the gorgeous new merino sock yarn available.

This one I particularly love and kept one skein of this colourway for myself. If you want it, but it quick as I may keep the other too. I was thinkign it'd make a lovely shawl.
Did I mention that Simon was getting me a Boye Needlemaster set for my birthday? Well, it came today and I love it. Its from Woolly Workshop and apparently it's flying out the door. I struggled to decide between this one, Denise and Knitpicks Options but as I like the Boyes dpns I decided it was best to stick with Boyes. The case it comes in is a bit boring on the outside - brown and looks like a pencil case but when you open it up this is what you find:

The number 3 set went straight onto my Celtic Knot scarf and Ilike it as much as the Addi lace needles I was using before, although the Boyes are not as slippery as Addi. I've got some Boyes dpns for my socks which I just love and I won't use any other needles on socks now, unless I'm flying and then Iuse bamboo. The needlemaster set is just as good as my Boyes dpns.

I've got some exciting sock news coming soon so come back soon for a BIG announcement. I'm just working out the details...............


natalie said...

I that my roving? Wow!
You have got really good, really fast, well done!

Joy said...

Anni, the two bottom pinks are gorgeous.

Piglottie said...

Anni you have been busy! Your spinning is coming on really well, and I cannot wait to see the Celtic Knot scarf. The yarns look gorgeous as ever, and how funky are your new pins!?

Artis-Anne said...

Oh you have been busy :)
I still think the Boyes set is the best even though I do have the Knitpicks set too . I do tend to take the Boyes with me away as there are more needle sizes and are easier to identify too with their colours!!