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Monday, September 10, 2007

Fundraising - Diabetes research

Have you noticed the wignet in the sidebar. I've set up a page on Just Giving to raide money for a walk for diabetes walk we're doing on Sunday 16th September, so it's less than a week away. I should have set this up a long time ago but only found out about it a week ago and then not gotten around to sorting it out. Not sure why as it's so easy to do.

This is what it's all about. My friend, Helen, asked us earlier in the summer if we'd like to do this walk with her. One of her other friends is doing it as well, so in total there will be 5 adults and 6 children aged from 9 to 12 in our team. The walk is 4-5 miles long and starts at Saltram House in Plymouth. Saltram House is a National Trust property and we've been there lots of times and it's a beatuful setting.

The reason Helen decided to do this walk is that she's got type 1 diabetes and she'd like to do something to support a cause that's important to her. So we're praying for good weather adn then hopefully it hsould be a good day out.

I've set up a team sponsorship page where you can sponsor us as a team. Remember we're doing it on Sunday so be quick if you want to sponsor us. Any donation, no matter how large or small will be very much appreciated. Click on the link in the side bar or this link to donate.

Spinning news:

Here's is my drop spindle this morning before I started spinning

It's filled up a little more now but I havne't spun too much today. Been too tired really. This is the fibre I have left to spin of the first half.

Then I suppose I'll take the single off and spin the other half and then ply it. Not sure how to get it all off the spindle. I saw on a You Tube video someone who wound it off the spindle with a ball winder and someone else told me they slide it off onto a knitting needle.

I had a gorgeous delivery aobut half an hour ago and this is what greeted me when I opened the box.
There was 3 bags of500gr each of Shetland, Merino and BFL slivers. Now sidetracking a bit, what's the difference between tops, sliver and roving. This 'sliver' looks the same as the roving I got last week.
Taking the fibre out, I found this lot of luscious BFL yarns, there are 10 skeins each of sock yarn and laceweight yarn.
I only placed a small order to start iwth to make sure I like BFL. Never dyed it before and not knitted with it yet either. I'm planning to dye the sock yarn tomorrow nad the lace on Thursday. The sock yarn will be tested as soon as it's dry. Can't waitto see if it's as nice as merino. Doesn't feel as soft undyed but that may change in the dyeing process. I'm hoping it'll be on ETsy by the weekend.
In the meantime there are lots of other yarns in my Etsy shop. Lots of merino sock yarn, some cobweb laceweight, merino lace and merino worsted. Teh worsted and lace on Etsy is all I've got at the moment. But I do have some more cobweb but it's on a cone and I can't face winding it off right now.

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