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Friday, July 06, 2007


Yes, it's sunny today. Not seen the sun around here for quite a while. I was thinking it was gone for good. It's also very windy today so I quickly got some yarns out on the line to dry, some werre nearly dry but it was nice to finish them off in the fresh air, I nearly said warm but it's not been warm here today.

Only one skein dyed today, that was one skein damaged for the 'July Surprise Yarn of the Month'. Somehow it got extremely tangled during rinsing so it was quicker to dye another skein rather than untangle it. So all the Sock Yarn mystery yarns are on hteir way apart from one. And the lace mystery yarns will be posted tomorrow or Monday.

And I've been reskeining today. It's so time consuming but it's got to be done. First I did this green one and loved it. Was thinking of keeping it for myself but then I did the blue one and loved that one too. Then after lunch I did the purple and vintage pink and wanted to keep both of those too. So I quickly got them listed on etsy so I can't keep them for myself. But be quick and get them if you want them, only one of each, and there's no knowing when temptation will become too much for me and they'll go into my sock stash basket.

My MS3 stole is on hold for the time being. Nearly finished clue 1 and clue 2 cam out today. I'm not happy though. I'm thinking of using this new South American merino lace which I'll be getting soon. It may already be on it's way across the Atlantic. and it's so gorgeous. Already working on a new design in it. It's slightly thicker than the cobweb lace so will be easier to knit with. I'm struggling with the chart too. I need the WS rows in between to make it easier for me to read it.

Some relaxing sock knitting tonight I think.


Judy said...

Anni - Your yarn is beautiful! Wish I knew how to do that. Maybr some day Iwill learn.


Piglottie said...

Anni I'm not surprised you want to keep it all as its gorgeous. I love the blue too - reminds me of the sea :)

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

The colours you are dying are absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could get some...I would find it hard to not keep them for myself if I were dying them too. I'm sure they'll sell quickly!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies. Reskeined another few skeins today but two aren't good enough to sell and one is just gorgeous and may join my sock stash.

BusyJ - dyeing is not difficult. I started with food oclours (paste) last year and just played and experimented. It's great fun.