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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Knitting club day

Firstly, before i forget. Look what i found on Minniemoll's blog today. It's a Forest Canopy Shawl knitted out of 1 skein of my 4ply handpainted yarn. It looks gorgeous. So if you fancy a FC shawl then head over to Etsy for some yarn.

I had planned to dye the surprise yarn for July today and a custom dye order but I skived off and drove up to Bovey Tracey for the knitting club at Spin A Yarn instead. It was lovely seeing JOyce again and there were a couple of other ladies there who I've met before and several ladies popping in and out. Managed not to buy anything for a change. Did some sock knitting while I was there, toe up in my own yarn. Will show pics another day. Was hoping it may persuade the others ttending to book up for my Toe up Sock workshop at Spin A Yarn next week. Contact the shop if you fancy booking a space.

So tomorrow it'll be dyeing day. Got a massage in the morning which will be nice and relaxing as my neck/back has been bad lately and then some dyeing and Sports day at school in the afternoon unless it rains off. Fingers crossed for rain. I'm not too keen to sit aroun in a field all afternoon to watch kids running around. The few minues it's my own kids are okay but the rest I could do without.

And I've finally started the Mystery Shawl. I'm using 3mm Addi lace. I was going to wait til my ball winder arrived but it hasn't yet so I decided to wind off a bit my hand and wind the rest if my ball winder ever gets here. Ordered it last Wednesday so not happy with the service from the shop I bought it from. Not ordered from them before and not sure I will either. No communication from them at all apart form confirmation e-mail. Not good.

Back to catch up on posts on Crafty Yarns now. Nite all.


Annette said...

Just stopped by to say thanks for all the lovely yarns that have arrived in the last few days. The Bananas and Custard Cobweb is just stunning. I know you hate skeining the cobweb, but it really is worth the effort..Annette

Hattie said...

Oh can't wait to see your ms3 in that yarn!!!

And I must say, that shawl is gorgeous in your yarn!!

Joy said...

It must give you a really good feeling to see something someone else has knitted in your yarn. It was a lovely Forest Canopy too :)

Helen said...

How nice to be linked to! I'm even more pleased with the shawl today, the colours look lovely.

belaybunny said...

can't wait to see your mystery shawl, bet it will be great. I love minniemoll's FCS and your yarn looks gorgeous.

Artis-Anne said...

My you have been busy as usual and it must be great to see your yarn knitted up . I wish I lived closer to Spin a Yarn as I would come alongas I STILL haven't done a toe up sock yet !!

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone. After seeing Minnimoll's FC shawl, I've been thinking about knitting one too. Just got to find the time.