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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Decision made

I've decided on hte yarn for my mystery stole. It's going to be the purple/blue skein on the left in the pic in the post below. and I've called the colour 'oil slick' as someone on Crafty Yarns forum thoght it looked like oil on water when I posted a pic of the yarn ready for rinsing the other day. It'll be interesting to see how it knits up that'sfor sure. I'm not winding it into a ball until my new ball winder comes though. I tried winding some sock yarn to reskein today on the old ballwinder and it made aright mess of it again. It's definitely completely broken. It looks okay though so I'm not sure why it's not winding the yarn into neat 'cakes' anymore.

And a lack of ballwinder made this morning's reskeining much harder and took a lot longer. In the end I only got 3 skeins done in between taxiing Ness to ballet and back and doing various other family stuff. The rest of the yarn I dyed yesterday and Thursday will be done whenever my new ballwinder turns up.

Here are this morning's Etsy update - 3 skeins of sock yarn and two of lace (only one skein of lace in this photo).

It's raining again today. It's thick fog and raining non stop. Feels more like November than nearly July. It's our local carnival this evening and Emily was supposed to go in it wiht the Brownies. They were walking around the carnival rather than being on a float. After a lot of tinking and dithering I reluctantly decided to withdraw Em from the carnival. My friend is doing the same with her daughter and we're taking the girls to see 'Charlotte's Web' at a local church hall instead. I felt guilty about withdrawing her but Ness did the carnival a few years ago in awful weather adn she was so wet, cold and miserable at the end that I just felt it wasn't worth putting Em through the same thing. Brown Owl wasn't impressed though. In fact, I'd say she was rather upset with me. Only thing is that she doesn't actually walk with the Brownies (2 younger helpers do) as she has knee problems and is too old, so it's easy for her to moan about it. Only 7 girls had signed up to do the carnival from their Brownie pack anyway. Okay I'm still feeling guilty about pulling her out but at least I don't have to stand around in the wet now. And the girls would rather see Charlotte's Web.

Right, I'd better get my act together now and get on with typing up Sockamania's July pattern.

Adios amigos!


Linda said...

Anni, do you think Posh Yarn's Arabella 1 ply cobweb or Cecilia cobweb would work with this or would it be too thin? I'm on a stashalong at the moment and although I've got other laceweights in my stash, I've only got enough of these 2 to do MS3. TIA - Linda

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

I don't think you should feel guilty about pulling her out of the carnival. I mean, if it's so miserable outside how can the kids enjoy it? And if she gets all wet and such, she could end up getting sick - and really, I don't think that is worth it. Brown Owl just needs to accept things and get on with it.

Anonymous said...

Only 2 brownies turned up for the carnival and the weather was horrible. The girls loved the film though.