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Friday, June 29, 2007

Sunny Day!!!!!

A sunny day shouldn't sound all that abnormal at the end of June but we'd had very little of that here lately. It wasn't particularly warm so no sitting outside sunbathing but it was sunny enough and windy to dry some yarns outside and they're nearly dry too. Only dyed 3 skeins today as that was all I could be bothered to wind off the cone. Two laceweight skeins which I'm considering for the Mystery Stole. I've got 3 skeins to choose from now and I can't decide:

Which one is your favorite?
This was the one I was gong to use for the Mystery Stole. Dyed this a few days ago but I love the otehr two. Help. I can't decide.

Also did a skein of sock yarn which is for me as it's a small skein, end of the cone. It's dyed in gorgeous shades of grape. I experimented with what would happen if you add black to the dye today and it really mutes the colour. Gorgeous.
This is the yarn I dyed today, ready for rinsing. The sock yarn is on the right.

More yarn on Etsy today and some sold almost instantly. More to come tomorrow. It's nearly dry but has to be reskeined and I just don't feel like doing that tonight. I'm going to relax and knit tonight.

I've got the pattern printed out for the Mystery Stole but can't start it until the yarn is dry. So I'm going to start the work on Sockamania July 2nd sock. First one is done although I've still got to type the pattern up. I'm panicking as it's the 1st July on Sunday and I'm worried about getting it all ready for then. Was going to trial a new system of distributing the pattern and send out lots of new invites. Right I'd better stop typing and get over to Sockamania and make a start on those invites. If you want to join us for July e-mail me by tomorrow evenign, otherwise you've got to wait till August.

Oh, also want to tell you I'm working on a new shawl design in a gorgeous laceweight yarn which I'm hoping to add to my Etsy shop soon. It's soooooooooo soft and gorgeous to knit with. I'm loving it, which is a hint for the theme of the shawl too. Have a lovely weekend everyone and hope you all get lots of time to knit. and to any English readers - hope you stay dry andflood free this weekend.


belaybunny said...

I like them all, but especially the pink on the right hand side ;) Looking forward to seeing the lace pattern in your shop, I need some more patterns to use up my ever-increasing lace stash!!

Kate said...

Tey were all beautiful, but I'm a purple person, so I would have choosen the purple one.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

purple for me:) look forward to seeing the new shawl pattern and could the new yarn be mohair, fingers crossed:))

Piglottie said...

So hard to choose Anni, as they are all lovely. But if I HAD too, the one on the left as I like the mixture of blue and purple :)

Hattie said...

Love the colors! I like the left one you ended up choosing, it will be so pretty! Can't see what pattern you are working on, I love the ones you've already done.