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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I've got another addiction to add to my list of knitting related addictions - hand dyeing. I just love it. It's hard on my neck/back and I can't spend too long painting yarn but it's so much fun. I haven't done a big dyeing session for 2 weeks now as I've got no more undyed yarn to dye. I've got an order on the way and it was posted yesterday so fingers crossed it'll be here tomorrow. I'd really like ot get another lot on Etsy by the weekend but if it's not here tomorrow am I won't make it as I'm out all Friday morning.

Anyway, today I jsut felt the need to dye yarn. I was desperate this morning. I kept looking out the window everytime a car went past in case it was ParcelForce. Then after lunch I remembered 2 skeins I dyed a very pale solid blue which I'd started knitting with. I wasn't too tken with the colour so Ithought I can add some more colours to those. Then I had two others that I wasn't totally happy with so thought i'd overdye those. In they went to soak. Two skeins got overdyed in a solid colour in the pot and the two pale blue ones got hand painted in green, blue and purple and I left a section pale blue. Not sure yet about the colours. But it looks so different once it's been reskeined. So that's my fix for today.

What other knitting related addicitons to I have? Ofcourse there is knitting (fairly obvious really), then there is knitting website: blogs, forums etc etc. I love clicking on my list of favourite blogs and this morning I came across a couple of new ones that I added. I prefer blogs with lots of knitting talk and preferably lots of pics of gorgeous yarns. Checking out online shops are funtoo. I prefer those who don't do Paypal. If I have to go andget my credit card out I can normally resist as I'm too lazy to go downstairs. But if it's Paypal then it's too quick to just click your way to a new purchase. I was very tempted by this site this morning. The colours are just stunning. And I'd love to tr ythe silk lace and seasilk. Also found this Stashology site which lead to this gorgeous shawl. isn't it stunning? And it only takes a skein of Seasilk which I've got one of in my stash so I'm tempted to cast on for this.

Been working my way through the list of wips today. I've turned theheel on Simon's Fabel socks - did short row heels which I very rarely do. Only cuff left now. Off to work on my new stole in my own hand painted merino lace now or shall I do some rows on my Celtic Knot Silk Lace scarf? Decisons, decisions.


Linda said...

Anni, can you give me some advice about over-dying a shawl I've knitted? I'm a bit afraid to try in case I mess it up! I knitted it originally in 100% merino in a very wishy-washy pale pink/green that I really don't like now. If I over-dyed it, what colour could I go for and what sort of dyes should I use? TIA. :0)

belaybunny said...

Funnily enough, I have a handpainting addiction too at the moment ;)

Piglottie said...

I've never tried dyeing, as I'm too busy collecting other people's efforts :) Piece of Beauty is a bit tempting isnt it? Its what I'm hoping to redo Shoalwater in.

Hattie said...

Thanks for the shout out for my site! I hope that people come to use it to find great patterns. I loooove that catalina pattern, I'm doing it in olive malabrigo lace and it's gorgeous!

miss mandy of flitwick said...

dyeing is a true addiction, I still dream about it, but of course with Woolfest looming it is all I am thinking about