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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Luscious merino

I'm mad about merino wool at the moment. A few more skeins went up in the Etsy shop yesterday and some have already sold. I've had a new wholesale order been posted from my suppliers today and as well as the gorgeously soft 4ply merino there is 1200gr of laceweight merino in there. I haven't tried the laceweight yet but if it's half as good as the 4ply it'll be gorgeous. I'm so excited about dyeing all this yarn and especially aobut dyeing laceweight. It's being supplied in cones though so I've got a lot of skeining to do before I can start dyeing.

Here are some swatches of some merino samples from a different supplier. These merino yarns are from South American and the laceweight, 4ply and one of the worsteds are single ply yarns. They're absolutely gorgeous andeven softer than my other merino. I'd like to get some of this for my Etsy shop too but I've got to wait a couple of weeks before I can order. In the meantime have a look at the swatches:

The 4ply:

Aran - one is single ply and one is 3ply. Both are gorgeous.

And here is the laceweight which I dyed and knitted into this little swatch. I'm now working on a new shawl design in this yarn.

Here's the dyed yarn. I just love this colour.

I've made a list today of all my WIPS. There are several socks which don't have a mate, a shawl, a couple of scarves. I've decided to finish off some of these wips before I start any new ones.

I'm also working on my sock samples and lesson plan etc for my sock workshop next week (Tuesday 26th) at Spin A Yarn in Devon. If you'd like to book a space contact Joyce (see the website for details). I'm really excited about teaching this workshop adn I'm doing a toe up workshop in July.

My Mum went home today. We had a lovely time while she was here and did lots of sightseeing and touristy stuff. I'm feeling quite shattered today though as I did a lot more in the last week than I normally do. Lots of walking anddriving which unfortunately makes my neck/back pain really bad. So this morning I treated myself to a back massage which made a huge difference. I'm still feeling tired as I didn't sleep last night, so I've not done much at all today except relax and knit. Tomorrow it's bck to catchign up on the housework.

My blogging has been a bit infrequent lately so I'm going to make an effort to get back into daily blogging again.

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