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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lazy Day

I'm having a bit of a lazy day today. Simon has gone back to work today, he's been off since 30 March. It's been nice to have him home for a nice long holiday during the school hols. Em has gone to a gymnastics/trampolinging clubwith ehr best friend today. It goes on all day. And Ness has a friend around for the day. The girls have just finished making Ness' birthday cake for her party tomorrow. I got to lick the bowl and had to get the cake in the oven quickly as i could have eaten all the mixture. It was yummy. They're making choc sponge cake and will be decorating it with choc frosting and marshmallows. Normally Imake novelty cakes for the girls' birthdays but Ness was very keen to make her own. I got the ingredients out and explained how to make the cake but the girls did all the weighing and mixing.

Got some yarn soaking in vinegar outside. I'm really keen to do some hand dyeing. I'm dyeing a skein of cashmere which I don't like the colour of. And two skeins of Helen 4ply from Posh (cashmere isn't Posh). The Helena Ibought in a creamy colour so that I could dye it myself. It's been lying around for ages waiting to get done.

done some photos this morning of some gorgeous yarn. I knitted the foot of the May Sockamania socks and although I'm happy with the pattern etc I'm not happy with my knitting and I'm starting again. I did the first foot in Yarn Yard and although I lvoe the yarn I've done a few socks in YY yarn lately and fancy a change, but I can't decide.

Shall I go for this pale blue Posh Saskia:

This gorgeous Posh Emily:

Or stick iwth the original choice, this equally gorgeous YY (yes it's the solid from the March (?) club yarn - Natalie dyed some more for me.) The YY is on the right. With the Emily in the middle and Saskia on the left.

And I've been trying to choose some prize yarn for May's Sockamania. I was thinking of these two skeins of Silkwood sock yarn

or the pale blue Saskia (if I don't choose those for the May socks themselves).

Although while I was waiting for the pics to upload I checked my pm's on Crafty Yarns and Chrissy has offered to donate some prize yarn so there may be something else completely.

This beautiful Posh Sophia 4ply arrived today. No plans for this yet. i'm just going to be drooling over hte colour for a bit.

Oh, and a sock. This is the one I knitted at Spring Harvest. The yarn is Posh Lucia.
Look at this gorgeous skein of Shaefer 'Elaine' that Kerrie from Hipknits sent me to play with. It's for a felted bag creations. Not sure what yet but I got it out today to get some inspiration.


gilraen said...

Anni have you knit with Emily before? I'd love to say the Emily but it knits up fewer stitches than lucia. I'm knitting Lucia 72 stitches for pomatomus socks but I had to frog the Emily on 60 stitches (2X2 twisted rib and stockinette) and use 54 instead to get socks to fit me.

Just so you know. I'd definitely swatch first. :)

Beautiful colours there, no wonder you are having a hard time. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gilraen. I decided on the Emily and have done the toe but I'll check my tension as Iget started ont the foot. Can always change my mind if I need to. Thanks for the tip. It's gorgeous to knit with though.

gilraen said...

The problem arises with the cuff Anni, so watch out there. I could put the sock on over welly boots using a twisted rib and 60 stitches. Good Luck and yes it is fab yarn, my favourite yet.

You might find that other's would have to use this yarn to get the correct gauge though for your socks though :)

I have a few skeins of Emily so I'll be okay. :)

Artis-Anne said...

Thanks for the tip as I too have a skein of Emily ; I just had to buy it as its my grand daughters name :)

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful yarns, I really must take up sock knitting, that way I have an excuse to buy sock yarn too! I can't wait to see what the Shaefer 'Elaine' turns out like once knitted and felted, have you decided on what to do with it yet?

Piglottie said...

Gorgeous yarn again Anni - it is always a pleasure to visit your blog. I love the pale blue Posh Saskia - never tried this yarn before.

Joy said...

Anni - I always know when I visit your blog I am in for a visual treat and you never disappoint!

Anonymous said...

LOL, think Aknita is saying I buy too much yarn. LOL. Paula, we'll get you into sock knitting. Give it a go. You'll be hooked in no time.

strikkegal said...

Så flotte farger!!! Jeg er inne i en "blå periode" så jeg falt for Silkwood garnet :) Har desverre ikke tid til å strikke alt for mange par sokker så jeg får stå over Sockamania ... Takk for kommentar på bloggen min!

Anonymous said...

Hei Strikkegal. Jeg liker blatt garn ogsa. Du kan godt melde deg pa Sockamania i framtiden en gang hvis du far tid eller far lyst til a strikke flere sokker.

TutleyMutley said...

Gorgeous yarns. All of them. How can you even begin to make a choice?!
I love the colours in Elaine - can't wait to see the result - it's DK is it?