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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Emily's Ocean Shawl finally got blocked today. About time as it's been finished for a while. Emily has been using it a lot. She's always wrapped in it in the morning and takes it to bed every night. She was still really keen to have it blocked. And I think the blocking has definitely opened up the lace quite a bit more and it's much bigger now. I'm hoping to get a good pic of it tomorrow before Emily starts using it again.

I will get this pattern typed up soon and put it on my website as a free pattern.

While I was pinning out the shawl on our picnic table in the garden this afternoon I had another idea for a shawl using the crest of the wave pattern but it's on the back burner for now.

Nearly finished the rectangle for my Mum's Victoria Shawl. Got two repeats left. Thought i only had one left to do and then counted and found I had two. I'm desperate to get started on the border tonight but I may just finish the last 2 repeats and start the border tomorrow. A bit worried about starting the border in the evening when I'm tired. Never done a knited on border before so a bit worried about it. But I'm hoping it'll be okay. I'm hoping ot get it in the post to Norway by Saturday or Monday at the very latest. No idea how long it'll take to do the border and it'll need blocking too. So to be realistic if I won't to post it on Saturday it'll need to be finished by tomorrow evening and blocked on Friday which may be too much knitting for tomorrow.

I started a new shawl in Posh Sophia 4ply last night. I've been thinking about it for a while and I've had this gorgeous purple cashmere shouting at me for a while. I had decided just to do the chart for the pattern ready for when my Mum's shawl is finished and I'd gotten the first skein wound up a few days ago so it was too difficult to resist casting on last night. I had to check if the pattern woudl work didn't I? It's working and I like it. Will need some serious blocking though. I'll try to get a pic done tomorrow. For the next two days though it's Victoria Shawl all the way. It needs to get done.

And let's finish off with some Yarn Candy:

Here's some Sophia 4ply (100% cashmere). Lovely bright pink. Not surewhat this will become yet. I love knitting shawls in Sophia but have 2 otn at the moment so I'm thinking about maybe doing somethign else. I want a hat, scarf and gloves set in Sophia so maybe I'll use it for that. Althoug hI'd prefer something I can wear before next winter so maybe a shawl after all.

And some Camel yarn from Posh. I've never seen camel yarn before. It's lovely and soft. Feels ismilar to Cashmere. It's handspun and according to Dee felted slightly during the dyeing process but I can't tell. I'm thinking this will probably become a scarf.


Michelle said...

Mmmm...yummy yarn! Lovely shawl too!

Hege said...

Oh wow! The Ocean shawl looks like an ocean. I love it! What a perfect combination of pattern and color! It's just wonderful.

Hege said...

Oh, and the camel yarn, is it amazingly light weight? I have some and it's 128 yds per 25 g. So luxurious!

Unknown said...

Lovely yarn candy, expecially the camel. The shawl looks amazingly like waves on the ocean!

Dixie said...

The shawl is gorgeous! And that yarn? Looks good enough to eat!

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

The shawl is beautiful! Love the yarn too, looks nice and soft.

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone. I really like hte shawl too and I wish I'd knitted it for me rather than Emily. LOL. I tried it on last night after blocking and it looked good on me but Emily snatched it off me and took it to bed with her. She loves it.

Just felt the crest of the waves pattern was perfect for the blue oceanic colours. This yarn was a special from and it's lovely to knit with.

Piglottie said...

I love Emily's shawl (maybe that's what you should call the pattern now Anni LOL!). And thank you for offering to post the pattern up for us. I have a ball of yarn that would suit it very well. Nice yarn haul as well. Will be interested to hear how you get on knitting the border as there is a pattern I want to do that is constructed this way but have yet to try it as I'm a bit daunted!