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Thursday, March 22, 2007


.... is somethign that I desperately need when it comes to most areas of my life these days.

I had a list of stuff to do today and have achieved very little. I've suffered from severe head aches all week though andit's eased today so taking it a bit easier probably wasn't a bad idea.

Now to todays knitting adventures:

I started the border on my Mum's Victoria Shawl today. The first repeat was a bit awkward and I tensed up (and made the excrusiating headache I woke up with worse) but then managed to relax a bit more. I've done 5 repeats. I was worried about how to join the border to the main rectangle but the instructions make so much more sense when the piece of knitting is actually in front of you. Was a lot easier than I thought. And the first time I've done it. So quite pleased with myself.

I'm still a bit worried about the corner but I'm sure that'll work out okay too. Love the look of the shawl with the border. The main rectangle is quite plain and the border really makes this shawl.

Somehow this afternoon I got distracted (lack of discipline again) and started another sock. Had no plans to start another sock as I've got the 2nd of Emily's new sock pair to do and a pair of top secret socks for a magazine submission to get done. But I was rooting through my sock stash earlier and found this skein of Yarn Yard yarn I'd forgotten about so decided to combine it with another skein of Yarn Yard yarn and look at the result. I quite like it. The foot will be random stripes but the cuff will be different. I've got exciting plans for the cuff but not revealing it yet.

Read this post on Grumperina's blog this morning and it inspired me and gave me some ideas. I'd planned to try to owrk out how to do this technique when I started the new Yarn Yard socks but it kind of evolved into a standard toe up sock.


Piglottie said...

Good to hear that you are getting on with the border OK Anni - and it looks beautiful. Have to agree the border really finishes it off. And thanks for the pictures. I might be tempted to give my pattern a go now.

And the socks, as ever, look wonderful. The colours work really well together, and I've never seen this method before.

Marianne said...

Hi! It took a bit to track your blog down but so well worth it! The Victoria lace shawl is stunning and I'm in awe, I've not whacked a border on like that...yet.
Your designs (what I've seen so far) are all beautiful.
Thanks for stopping by the blog, Gretchen really should take the leap and create a blog of her own but until she does I don't mind sharing. She's a very nice woman.

I have your URL now, so I'll be back. Now I'm off to look at your other designs.

Danielle said...

Gorgeous shawl!! You're doing an excellent job.

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone. I'm so excited about the shawl. Never thought I could do the knit on border. Hoping ot get some more done tonight but that sock is shouting to me.

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

The shawl is looking so beautiful! I know what you mean about discipline...I need more of that too!

Hope your headaches ease up a lot...and even go away! They are no fun at all. I get migrains now and then and they just put me out of service when they get too bad. Anyway, hope yours go away!

Artis-Anne said...

I'm so glad you are finding knitting the border okay I am still living in fear of doing mine :(
But for now its on hold any way as I am making more socks for the competition; that is if I like the pattern

gilraen said...

It always LOOKS easy when you do it Anni, but never when I try to do it. The lace is lovely. :)

crissy said...

the shawl is lovely and i really like how the yarn is blending in the sock your doing that is so wonderfully yummy looking :)