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Thursday, March 01, 2007

De-stash now on my website

Pop along to my website to see my stash sock yarn for sale as well as some Opal I've hand dyed. It's all for sale at bargain prices with free postage. I'm hoping to have some more hand dyed yarn for sale next week. Got some undyed yarn I've been meaning to dye for ages and planning to get onwith it tomorrow.


Knitting in Pink said...

i don't understand where on your website is your stash sale. I've found the Opal and that's it. Unless it's all gone already?

Anonymous said...

Really sorry. I've changed the wording on my website now. Go to and click on Destash..... in the top left hand corner. Only a few sock yarns left. But I've got some dk, aran and lace yarn to add. Maybe tonight if I get time, if not tomorrow morning. Thank you for looking. Your blog looks great btw.