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Friday, March 02, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

It's been one of those days where I seem to have been very busy but got nothing done.

The house is a mess and I'd planned to tidy up, do lots of washing and some ironing. Done one load of washing whihc hardly counts as a lot and the other jobs. Well, I'm sure you can guess how much of that I've done.

Part of the reason is that I decided this morning to have some fun with colours and do some yarn dyeing. Had 2 skeins of Opal and 2 skeins of lace weight to dye. I had some ideas of colours but they went right out the window. I'm thinking about green all the time these days but couldn't get the shade right so I ended up with a blue skein and a dark red/burgundy skein of Opal and two purple skeins of lace weight. The burgundy/red skein started out as green and purple but it looked awful and murky so just got some black dye adn shoved it back in the microwave and it came out reddish. But hadn't all taken the colour so mixed up some more black and sloshed some red dye in too and quite like the colour I got. Took me ages to rinse it though as I think I used too much dye. I think I'm happy with it. I'll decide when it's dry.

Not got much knitting done iether. Had promised Em I'd finish her shawl but haven't. Cast on for a pair of plain toe up socks with Tofutsies yesterday because I was curious to see how it knits up. But decided nearly half way up the foot that it'd be too boring just doign plain socks so frogged it and now I'm knitting a pair toe up with mock cables. The cables don't show up too well though with the yarn but think I'll carry on anyway.

I'm really excited to see what the Yarn Yard club yarn is like. I'm hoping it'll come tomorrow. I've got my fingers crossed for green. But Natalie won't tell me. I'm planning a fair isle pattern for these. Got the pattern all ready.

I'm also thinking of what to submit for consideration to MagKnits and Knitty. Both have deadlines on 15th March and I want to submit a design to both. Just can't decide. Got too many new things ont heneedles and need to decide and concentrate on finishing that. I want to start a shawl from 'Victorian Lace Today' for myMum too so it's ready for her holiday on 30th March. The yarn for it which Dee especially dyed for me will be posted tomorrow or was it today. So I'll hopefully start it on Monday at the latest. Some speedknitting coming soon.

Back to my Tofutsies socks.


belaybunny said...

I'm looking forward to seeing more YY fairisle socks, I loved the purple ones!! I'm hoping my postie will bring mine today as well ;) I love your socks on magknits, just summoning up the courage to try a toe up sock and a lace pattern for the first time!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Christina. You can do toe up and lace socks. YOu're a brilliant sock knitter. I've seen your socks and they're great. Just give it a try.