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Thursday, February 22, 2007

One sock done

I belong to 2 sock knitting kals adn so far this month I've completed one sock, not a pair, just one sock and here it is:

It's been named 'Butteryfly' sock because Emily thought they looked like Butterflies. They were supposed to look like little hearts but butterflies are fine too. Have cast on for the 2nd sock and I'm half way through the fair isle section so I'm hoping to get at least the cuff done tonight.

I've also nearly finished my rib toe up sock - pictured in the last post. So to qualify for the sock kals this month I've got to finish at least one complete pair of socks and I think it will be the 'Butterfly socks' that are most likely to be done on time.

Tomorrow I'm going on a design workshop taught by Clare Crompton at Spin A Yarn in Bovey Tracey, Devon. It's a fairly long drive from here but worth it as it's a brilliant shop and Clare is a very good teacher. I've attended one of her design workshops before and learnt a lot. The last one was to learn to design a basic drop shoulder sweater and this one is set in shoulders and shaping. She's doing two other design workshops over the next 2 weeks too but I don't think I'll be able to do those. Hopefully they'll be repeated next term and I can do them then. If you live in Devon do check out Spin A Yarns workshop schedule as they run some brilliant workshops.

It's going to be a tough day tomorrow as the workshop is a full day one. I know it'll be tough on my neck and back and I'll be in a lot of pain afterwards and probably not in a state to do much on SAturday but I'm hoping it'll be worth it. There are no workshops near us as far as I know and the shops is so lovely and JOyce, the owner, is a lovely lady running a brilliant shop so it's nice to show some support to her.

Went to the Eden Project today. We have a membership so do go quite regularly. If you've not been it's a brilliant tourist attraction which consists of 2 giant biomes, one houses a tropical rain forest and the other one is temperate. They are hte world biggest green houses and it's all set in a former china clay quarry. The girls like walking around there. The tropical biome is very hot and humid like a real rainforest and today it was absolutely awful in there. Don't think it's ever been as hot and humid in there as it was today. Most unpleasant. But the temperate biome was quite nice. Felt like being in Spain, although not as warm. We sat down for a bit at the end and I took out my sock to do a few mins of knitting and two ladies sitting next to me started chatting about my sock knitting and talked about how they'd learnt to knit socks but not really liked it. Told them sock knitting is fashionable again.

Off for some forum surfing now before having an early night, after I've done some more sock knitting that is.


Shelley said...

Have fun at your workshop! Hope the pain won't be too bad for you afterward.

I like the "butterfly/heart" sock. I've also got to finish my socks for Socktopia - I'm not done the first one yet. I've been busy at school and have had a busy week studying for a midterm, and next I have a book review and a 2 page essay due next week. I'm hoping that I'll get this pair done on time for the end of the month...which is next week!

Anni said...

Thank you Shelley. Nearly finished the 2nd sock now.

Chrissy said...

Yay! Lovely sock!

Jan said...

Beautiful socks. I like the color combination a lot.

Queen Frogger said...

Lovely butterfly socks. I hope the workshop is enjoyable too, it sounds really good.