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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Getting nowhere fast..........

............again. I've been in Norway since last Thursday and I looked at my knitting today to see what I'd actually achieved. Not much. I cast on a sock on the train which I've just turned the heel on and started the cuff. I'd hoped to be on 2nd sock now.

I cast on for a cashmere shawl before I left home but not sure about it now. Got to work a bit bmore on the chart and not sure I can make it work like I want it too.

Then I cast on for another shawl yesterday with some alpaca-silk which is gorgeous, but not sure about that either. I've frogged teh cashmere shawl several times and now I'm thinking of frogging the alpaca-silk shawl too. I've got two other shawl patterns I'd like to try but not sure yet. I may do some graphing for it in a minute and see how it works out.

Been to the hospital again today to see my grandfather. He looked better today as they've finally had time to shave him. He's not been shaved since before I came. And they'd brushed his hair. Made him look so much better. I know he was unhappy by not being shaven. It's terrible that the nursing staff are so busy they can't do personal care like that. He was very tired though and we hadn't been there long when he wanted to go to bed and then immediately fell asleep. My gran came out to my parents for lunch after that. I'm going to the hospital again for the last time before I go home tomorrow so I hope he's awake then. He is making very slow progress and it's hard to watch him like this.

WEnt shopping with my mum yesterday. And I discovered another yarn shop. Some gorgeous yarn Norweigan yarn shops seem to stock mainly norwegian brands. NOt seen any foreign brands here yet and it's mainly smooth ( ie wool, acrylic etc) dk or 4ply yarn. Very bright vibrant colours though. Found some beautiful 4ply alpaca-silk in beautiful colours.


blog-blethers said...

Hope your grandfather is showing more signs of improvement. It seems to add to the burden and stress of having a poorly relative when you are so geographically far from them, doesn't it? And hope the knitting feels more settled too. Can't wait to see the pictures of the WIP's. And finally, gorgeous, gorgeous socks in Knitty! Well done, Anni:)

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Hope your grandfather gets better quickly. It must be hard on your grandmother to have him in the hospital (as well as the rest of the family). Have a safe trip back home.

Linda said...

Sorry to hear that your Grandfather is poorly, I hope he gets better soon. Look forward to seeing more of your lace knits!

Holly Burnham said...

I know how hard this is on his family....he's so lucky to be so loved.

Anonymous said...

thank you everyone. YOu're all so kind. My grandfather is making very slow progress.