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Friday, February 09, 2007

'Falling in love' socks in German

A big thank you to Iris from Germany who has translated the 'Falling in love' sock pattern into German. If anyone wants to translate the pattern into any other languages please contact me.

Iris' blog looks great but I don't remember any of the German I was taught at school so can't read much. But I'll be keeping an eye on the pictures.

Been to the hospital and nursing home to see my grandparetns again today. We took my grandmother out of the nursing home and took her to the hospital to see my grandad. He looked a little better today than yesterday.

On the way home, my mum and I had lunch and then popped into the yarn shop I spotted yesterday, which wasn't as big inside as it looked from the outside. Not a huge choice of yarn but some nice stuff. My mum got some yarn for a jumper for my nephew.

I've started a new shawl design in Posh Sophia 4ply. I've got the beginning sorted out and got to do some charting now then I can get on with some serious knitting tonight.

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