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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Spaced out

I've not had a good week painwise. The pain in my spine between the shoulder blades and neck has been really bad at times and I've been waking up with some really severe headaches at times. And I won't even mention the tiredness. So it was with great relief I strolled up the road this morning to my neighbour and friend, who is also a very well qualified beautytherapist and does brilliant massages, for my regular massage. I had a hot stone massage today which is incredibly relaxing. I was drifting in and out of sleep during most of the massage and at the end I could have easily gone to sleep and stayed there asleep for most of the day. I was tucked up under a warm duvet and was painfree and relaxed. I love the way I feel after a massage. It's the only times I'm completely painfree. Doesn't always last that long unfortunately but it's well worth it. To me a massage is an essential not a luxury.

Came home and had lunch. Felt quite energised really which is strange cause normally I'm completely zonked out. Did a few chores and a bit ofwork on my Alpine scarf, then it hit me. I jsut coudn't stay awake. Fell asleep in my chair with the knitting in my lap. Ness woke me up just in time to collect Em from gymnastics club at school. It's freezing outside so the walk woke me up. Then after tea tonight I almost fell asleep again but had to brave the cold weather yet again to take Ness to youthgroup.

Weight Wathchers is going okay. I've not been brilliant but I'm getting back into counting points again. It's not as hard as I tought it would be. I do get tempted by things I shouldn't eat sometimes but I'm doing much better than I have for weeks. can't check on my progress as I think out scales have run out of batteries and knowing me, it'll be weeks if not months before I'll get around to changing them.

Knitting wise I knitted myself a lace hat yesterday. I've not taken a photo yet as I've not found a suitable model yet. I'm thinking about redoing it as it's a bit shorter than I wanted. I lvoe the shape though and it does fit me just. Not sure if I can be bothered to start again though. Want to concentrate on my lace projects so hat I can finsih some and start more. I'm not even longing for a sock otn, that's how much in love I am with lace. LOL.

Off to knit some more............

Oh, and only 10 more repeats left before the border on the 'Alpine scarf'


WildPurl said...

Sorry to hear you have been in pain Anni but massage is so great, I always want to fall asleep too, it's so relaxing.

And well done for taking the step of going back to weightwatchers, I'm glad you are feeling positive about that, you are obviously ready to make some changes for a New year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Knitbert for the encouragement. And nothing beats a good massage.