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Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm devastated

Look at this:

See the colour change. I'm so upset. I've been working so hard on this shawl and look at it. I've used two skeins and they were bought at the same time. I know with hand dyed yarn there is no guarantee they'll be the same but I didn't realise it was this much difference. And I've only got a short bit to go. I'm thinking that if the 3rd skein is the same ast he first it'll be okay. I can pretend it was planned but I won't know until I start knitting with it.

I also cast on for this a few days ago. It's just so that I have an easy, no thinking required project for when my brain has switched off or I need to be sociable. It's an easy yo k2tog stitch pattern and is knitted in silk boucle from Posh.

I just can't get over my lovely lace shawl in two different shades. Need some chocs to recover from the shock I think.


Trudie said...

Oh you poor thing! It looks so pretty too. This is why its a good idea to use two skeins at once when working with hand dyed yarn, because a difference that is imperceptible in the skein can show up when its knitted. I have a sweater with one arm darker than the rest of the sweater, that taught me that rule. Could you bear to pull it back and start again, alternating skeins every other row? Did I really just suggest that?

Linda said...

Anni, it is beautiful. Don't despair as you can over-dye it when it is done. x

Anonymous said...

Thank you both of you. I'm not going to frog it Dee. And I'm always reading about alternating skeins of hand dyed yarn but I ignored it as I'm too lazy. That's taught me a lesson. My daughters says 'don't worry mum, you can't see it'. LOL. I think the last skein is more similar to the first skein so I'll knit an equeal section of that and pretend it was planned that way. LOL.